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The External Facets of the Internal Self




Thursday, 27 October 2016 to Sunday, 20 November 2016
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Max Laniado is pleased to present Cosmina’s second solo exhibition at his New York gallery.  This exclusive exhibition features her latest works, including her most recent collection “The External Facets of the Inner Self.”  This collection is an exploration of the way in which the inner self is expressed through performances of exter-nal identity.  Cosmina seeks to illustrate the transitional moment in which an entity, whether it be somebody or something, changes in behavior in accordance to specific situations. The fluid transitions between roles exhibit the various aspects of personality that are performed in order to socially survive.

Artist ( Description ): 

Cosmina is a French artist, born in Romania in 1968.  Seeking to evolve her artistic voice, she studied the lan-guage of Chinese painting and practiced Japanese calligraphy. These elements are apparent in her compo-sitions, which focus on the duality of the Yin and Yang: light and dark, empty and full. She seeks a harmonious balance that emphasizes the spiritual expression of the painting, creating colors that drive the spectator to mediation. Described as “ethereal,” Cosmina’s meticulous brushstrokes dance across the canvas with bound-less energy.
Through her unique and unclassifiable style of painting, Cosmina evokes cosmic and universal themes.  The writ-ings of Kandinsky and Klee led to the evolution of her personal style in which she reduces the shape-colors to its simplest expression: point and line. This is achieved through a method termed  “controlled serendipitous paint-ing.” The artist flings unpredictable flecks of paint upon the canvas while refining the creation with thoughtful detail during the process.  This technique allows the artist to work upon a canvas in a manner that is reflective of the spontaneous nature of the universe and expresses the complexity of the human mind. Deeply ingrained in the creative process, Cosmina continuously rotates the canvas while working on the floor, enabling her to en-ter into the painting deeply, both physically and mentally. This is also what the artist desires for the spectator: to allow one’s mind to go blank and immerse oneself in the colorful universe, as a way to awaken the senses. It is through this palpable breath of energy emanating from her brushstrokes that the artist challenges the spectator to explore the elusive concepts of the universe and meditate on the existential quandaries of human life.

Other Info: 

For almost 20 years, Max Laniado has promoted exclusive artists in London, Paris, and New York.  Max Laniado discovered Cosmina in 1999. Since then, Cosmina has had 12 solo exhibitions in Paris and New York, and par-ticipated in over 50 group shows and 12 art fairs (8 international). Experts, art critics, and collectors around the world recognize Cosmina as a potential ascending master of the 21st century contemporary art world.

Venue ( Address ): 

Private Opening Reception (VIP invitation only) on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Exhibition for public viewing on Thursday, October 27th until November 20th.


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