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Friday, 17 July 2020 to Friday, 7 August 2020
Friday, 17 July 2020 - 5:00pm


The Jane Hartsook Gallery is pleased to present work by our 2018-2019 fellows and artists in residence: Malene Barnett, Sindy Butz, Donna Green, Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, and Kari Marboe. The Greenwich House Pottery Residency and Fellowship is a distinguished program that fosters artistic growth by providing artists with a creative community, time, space and materials to explore and generate new bodies of work in ceramics in the center of the art world.

Malene Barnett is a cross-media contemporary artist and activist, as well as the founder of her self-named art and design atelier and of the Black Artists + Designers Guild. She is known for her sculptural ceramic tiles and vessels, mixed media paintings, and handwoven rugs. In all of her work, Barnett continues to evolve her craft and share her African heritage with a global audience. Barnett used her residency to continue to develop the forms and carved surfaces of her ceramic sculptures.

Sindy Butz is a German-born interdisciplinary performance artist, Butoh dancer, and movement educator living in New York. She creates endurance performances, multisensory installations, and olfactoric projects. In her research-based work, she explores belief systems, transformation processes, the notion of time, anthropogeography, and the collective unconscious. Butz used her residency to develop a scent-based ceramic installation to investigate the fragility and vulnerability of caves and stalagmites through human-environment interactions, specifically through touch.

Donna Green is a sculptor, potter and photographer based in New York City. Green’s forms are reminiscent of cast bronze, comprised of the swells and depressions that are more often the purview of metal than clay, and yet her work is distinctly about the evocative manipulation of clay and the fluid nature of glaze. Green’s sculptures—handbuilt of stoneware coils and wheel-thrown pieces that she pinches, scrapes, pokes and punches—are emotive and elegant, achieving Green’s goal of finding beauty in the mundane or in ugliness.

Phoenix Lindsey-Hall is a ceramic, photographic and mixed-media artist. Lindsey-Hall’s research-based artwork centers on violence in queer communities. She began working in clay to avoid the specificity inherent in photography and instead consider how the victims, perpetrators and weapons in the hate crimes she was researching seemed exchangeable. While always sensitive to the individuals affected by this type of violence, her work explores a larger cycle of violence. Her fellowship coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn Uprising, and with the Pottery located just blocks from where it took place, Lindsey-Hall decided to use her fellowship to recreate imagery memorializing that historic time and place.

Kari Marboe is a Bay Area artist and an Assistant Professor at California College of the Arts. Marboe's work engages communities with each other and with the past by delving into archives and presenting response works in ceramics, photography, and silkscreened clay. She spent her fellowship looking into GHP’s archive to investigate the connection between the artist Daniel Rhodes and Greenwich House Pottery to inform the Duplicating Daniel project she was working on in collaboration with Mills College Art Museum in Oakland, CA.


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Join our online opening reception on Friday, July 17, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.
Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84903011362?pwd=SW8zeFgzVDhicy9mY2t0SlJlbEc3UT09
Meeting ID: 849 0301 1362
Password: 54321

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