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Saturday, 28 May 2022 to Sunday, 10 July 2022
Saturday, 28 May 2022 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

HUGO GALERIE is pleased to present a solo exhibition featuring the art of Alejandro Quincoces. The works flicker and flourish with the momentum of something still being realized. Their energy sweeps across each painting, impervious to the boundary of the canvas edge. His railways, roads, and rivers all too easily lead our unsuspecting eyes off the paint and into oblivion. They are unstoppable. And we are unstoppable in their presence. 

Quincoces’ inspiration is the consistent evolution of our surroundings. The urban and natural elements of his paintings are always in flux: the streetlights and automobiles of his cities, the reflections and ripples of his waterways, and the sunlight and cloudfilter of his skies that surround them both. They are all a bit smudgy, possibly smeared, certainly malleable. Everything is in a state of motion and transformation. Not only moving, but also becoming. 

This overwhelming sense of possibility is passed on to his viewers and they become activators of his artistic practice. The audience, in a sense, finishes each artwork. This is because Quincoces supplies the spectator with the pieces to the puzzle but not the final result. It is our own intuition, expectations, and experiences that inform what we actually see in each of his works. Is the horizon one you’ve witnessed before or only imagined? Is the harbor of your past or future? Is the skyline from your reality or dreams? 

Quincoces poses these questions not to interrogate his viewers, but to encourage their active participation in his works. This is a collaboration. The intrinsic subjectivity of each canvas makes perspective personal. It empowers

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Alejandro Quincoces has been dedicated to drawing and painting since childhood. He combines his training as a painter with work in various advertising agencies. He earned his Fine Arts degree at the Universidad del País Vasco. Quincoces has been awarded more than 100 painting prizes—among them several medals, the BMW Prize, the Lorenzo the Magnificent Award at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence, and several prizes in the oldest national contest and one of the most prestigious: The National Exhibition of Plastic Arts in Valdepeñas.

His artwork’s motifs and themes come from our daily environment, from life common to all and seen through different media: television, photography, or direct exposure to the everyday. Quincoces’ aim is to involve the viewer in a recognizable image of feelings and expressions in which, sometimes, the painter hints at a message about thoughts regarding the relative time, the course of life, the inevitable social involvement. His latest topics include those that appear in the news: ecological and manmade disasters, figures and portraits, and themes that encompass the human experience—the intimate and personal as well as those which concern the whole of society as a responsible collective. The artist’s preference for little color is clear, seeking suggestions more than purities and his belief in the mixed rather than the pure, in destruction rather than in the construction of the form. In this way, Quincoces coaxes viewers into participating in the recomposition of a reality seen and felt by him.


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472 W Broadway, New York NY 10012

Hugo Galerie , New York

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