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Friday, 5 April 2024
Friday, 5 April 2024 - 6:00pm to 8:45pm

GR Gallery is pleased to announce “Vitamins 4 your Soul” and “The Fire Is Burning in my Heart”, two concurrent solo exhibitions featuring artists David Von Barr and Weiyang Gao. The shows will reveal, for the first time in a public exhibition, the latest series of artworks that the artists have been working on for the past months. These two separate new bodies of work will independently invade the gallery space, contrasting and counterbalancing each other in an ideal conversation that will blur the boundaries of abstraction and figuration.  The shows will put together a total of sixteen paintings on canvas in various sizes.

Opening reception: Friday April 05, 6:00pm - 8:00pm (Exhibition Dates: April 06 – April 27, 2024). Members of the press can contact GR gallery in advance to schedule a private viewing and an interview with the artists. 

GR Gallery, 255 Bowery (between Houston & Stanton) New York, NY 10002 | | tel: +1 212 273 2900

David Von Bahr's upcoming exhibition, "Vitamins 4 your Soul," marks the evolution of his signature abstract organic style, aiming to present a collection that offers a more explicit glimpse into characters and figurative references within each composition. Through the use of stylized smiling faces and striking visual contrasts, Von Bahr employs an ironic metaphor, reflecting on the current state of the contemporary art market and exploring the vast possibilities within the vocabulary of abstraction.

Central to Von Bahr's artistic process is his self-described "dance" with the canvas, enabled by its sheer size, which allows him to move around freely and engage fully with the creation process. This emphasis on movement extends beyond mere physicality; it is reflected in his choice of mediums and motifs as well. Von Bahr's confrontational style strikes a balance between control and uninhibited expression, resulting in works that possess both boundary and restraint and a sense of release.

Inspired by hyper-magnified interpretations of everyday objects and figures, each of Von Bahr's work is meticulously crafted in his studio in southern Stockholm. Eschewing drafts or outlines in favor of improvisation and instinct, his process is characterized by bluntness and a direct approach to creation. In transcending traditional art norms, Von Bahr's art celebrates raw emotions and vivid storytelling, rooted in the cultural milieu of Stockholm. His canvases serve as silent witnesses to his life's tales, capturing them through audacious fusion of colors and patterns. Employing an automatic, random intuitive approach, Von Bahr's paintings are built upon a leitmotif that embodies spontaneity and authenticity.

David Von Bahr, born in 1992 in Sweden, graduated from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts & Design in 2019. He currently resides and works in Stockholm, where his work has been showcased in galleries worldwide, including Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Public Gallery, Ojiri Gallery, Good Mother Gallery, Simulacra Gallery, Ruttkowski;68, and Omni Gallery.

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255 Bowery, New York, Ny 10002

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