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Summer 2015 Exhibitions

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During the summer, Max Laniado presents a cycle of renewed bi-weekly exhibitions featuring a selection of recent masterpieces and new never-seen-before artworks by 12 exclusive contemporary artists.

For over 10 years, Rasikh Akhmetvaliev, Jeff Bortniker Anatoly Burykin, Kaloon Chhour (Choi Ka Loon), Cosmina, Gaëtan De Séguin, Nicolae Ene, Anik Legoupil, Vanessa Longo, Olivier Valli and Petre Velicu have been acclaimed and recognized by collectors worldwide for their unique styles and artistic vision.

Allying unique creativity, absolute mastery of their art, spirituality and a sense of beauty and harmony, these artists continue their formidable ascension on the world art scene.

At the same time, Max Laniado will show new artworks by three of his more recent discoveries, Jeff Bortniker, De Séguin and Vanessa Longo.


Artist ( Description ): 

Rasikh Akhmetvaliev | Jeff Bortniker| Anatoly Burykin | Kaloon Chhour (Choi Ka Loon) | Cosmina | Gaëtan De Séguin | Nicolae Ene | Anik Legoupil| Vanessa Longo | Olivier Valli | Petre Velicu

Venue ( Address ): 

" Founded with the philosophy of fine art promoters of more than one century ago, Visio Dell'Arte exhibits the works of artists legitimated to be part among the best of the high-profile elite of contemporary art. Rising values of the contemporary art, the majority of our artists already gained an international recognition and their works appear in prestigious private collections and, for some, in famous museums"

Max Laniado




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