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Wednesday, 13 December 2023

The Collective brings together 100 artists from across the globe to share their intimate stories and inner worlds. A salon style exhibition intentionally curated to explore the essence of individuality and dynamic representation of the human experience. Celebrating our nuances and variations of expression, this show is meant to inspire an alternative wave of new cultural connections while creating a more equitable and accessible space.

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100 Participating Artists: Agnes Grochulska, Amanda Oleander, Amelia Briggs, Beatrix Ost, Brianna Lance, Cavier Coleman, Emma Hapner, Jewel Ham, Khari Turner, Kim Rose, Larissa De Jesus Negron, Gordon Winarick, Margaret Thompson, Alayne Spafford, Margaret Thompson, Bri Wenke, Brea Weinreb, Stephanie Ketty, Abbey Drucker, Alexandra Maceda, Alison Kruvant, Amanda Tutschek, Amaris Jones, Amber Larks, Angela Witmore, Anna Oliver, Anna Sobkowiak, Anne Capua, Ashley Chew, Blayne Pearce Planit, Bruce Turk, Carlos Davila Rinaldi, Cara Marie Piazza, Caroline Gates, Catie Dillon, Cerise Zelenetz, Christian Perdix, Christina Massey, Christl Stringer, Claudia Robles-Gil, Coline Rohart, Daniela Gomez, David FeBland, Elspeth Vince, Emet Sosna, Emma Hapner, Emma Schwartz, Erika del Bosque, Ethan Platt, Faustine Badrichani, Gabrielle Poteet, Greg Chann, Haley Sessoms, Hannah Eve Rothbard, Hayley Ferber, Heather Bird Harris, Helia Sehatpour, Hermione Perez Made, James Katsipis, James Kloiber, Stephanie Rado Taormina, Jeffrey Morabito, Jennifer May Reiland, Jesse Zuo, John Vitale, Johnna Slaby, Kaarina Mackenzie, Kate Donohugh, Keerim Kim, Kenyon Kennard, Keren Toledano, Lena Zak, Lisa Zaman, Marie Saladino, Margaret Byrd, Melissa Capasso, Michael James Cisarik, Michi Bowen, Monica Shulman, Naomi Frank, Natalia Palacino Camargo, Nicole James, Noel de Lesseps, Nuohan Jiang, Parme Marin, Peter Bogardus, Rachel Dinwiddie, Rachelle Bussières, Rodrigo Veloso, Ronen Azulay, Sam Michell, Sarah Arriagada, Sarah Mueller, Sarah Sczepanski, Shae Nadine, Shawna Miller, Sofia Heredia, Stephen Niccolls, Tara Lewis, WooJin Shin, Yana Beylinson, Yasemin Kackar-Demirel

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A portion of all proceeds aim to support FREE ARTS NYC — empowering youth from underserved communities through art and mentoring programs to develop their creativity, confidence, and skills to succeed.

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508 West 28th Street, New York, NY 10001

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