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Terry Arena's "Indicator Species" in The Closet in Shoebox Projects

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Sunday, 31 March 2019
Sunday, 31 March 2019 -
3:00pm to 6:00pm

Opening reception Sunday March 31, 3-6pm
Open during the Brewery Artwalk April 6-7, 11-6pm

In 2014, Terry Arena began making detailed renderings of bees inspired by colony collapse disorder (CCD). While researching the environmental crisis of the loss of bees, the process of searching inspired new installation work. The vastness of information available with the advent of technology is awe-inspiring yet can be misleading at times or redundant without clear resolutions. Working in repetitive themes and linked patterns based on binary code, “Indicator Species” is the representation of that search. 

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Growing up in agriculturally rich areas of Southern California, Arena was very aware of the effect nature can have on culture. “Symbiotic Crisis”, deals with the plight of the bees and the ancillary effects on the environment and society. The first three iterations of this project were shown in the back of a box truck to reference the transporting of the bees nationwide to pollinate crops. Working within the tradition of still life, Arena draws on prepared metal surfaces with graphite and installs the drawings in clusters reminiscent of bee swarms. Her work has been shown at Thinkspace Gallery, Culver City, the Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, and the Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard. She currently lives and works in Ventura, CA

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660 South Aveue 21 #3 
Los Angeles, CA 90031

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