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Eric Nash

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Sunday, 13 September 2020 to Saturday, 10 October 2020
Sunday, 13 September 2020 - 12:00pm


EXHIBITION DATE : September 12th – September 19th, 2020

OPENING : Saturday, September 12th, 1pm-7pm :: In Person and Online ::

Please RSVP to RSVP@KPPROJECTS,NET to let us know you’ll be attending opening day.

*** Masks Required at all times while in the gallery + Social Distancing of 6ft for everyone’s safety. 

Continuing In-Person Viewing Hours : Tues Sept. 15th - Sat. Sept. 19th : 1pm - 6pm

**Masks Required at all times while in the gallery + Social Distancing of 6ft for everyone’s safety. 

KP Projects is proud to present Eric Nash :: Streets of LA.

Eric Nash’s work celebrates scenes from daily encounters with a city he loves :  Los Angeles. Street signs, notable buildings, businesses signs and iconic landmarks become cinematic landscapes and urban still life’s, when rendered in Nash’s meticulous monochromatic palette. Charcoal is the selected medium for Nash’s drawings, and is a thoughtfully specific choice, offering a dramatic and intentional juxtaposition of shadow and light. While a laborious material to work with, charcoal, when rendered with the skill and experience  Nash possesses, creates a sense of hyper-realism and contrasting tonal range that parallels the black and white realism of photographic stills.

"Amongst so much current heartbreak, injustice, and upheaval; this show is meant to be an oasis of the calm and familiar. It was therapeutic for me to create. Drawing these recognizable images was like writing a love letter to Los Angeles. Streets of LA is a title I chose carefully. LA is a city that brings people together in the spirit of possibility and creativity. Underlying that is the common canvas of a metropolis we all share. I am a documentarian realist. I look for beauty in the universal and the everyday and elevate it to the iconic. Each image is a beginning of both a personal and collective story. Places we pass routinely and experience together no matter who we are. I work to capture these in timeless portraiture. These drawings represent the common anchors of our past and present."     – Eric Nash

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A lifelong artist, Eric Nash graduated with a BFA from the University of Illinois. He began his painting career in Chicago where he worked as an art director in advertising cementing his interest in universal and iconic imagery. Cinematography, American Pop Art and Realism were and continue to be important influences.  

Drawn to California and its legendary landscape and creative energy, he relocated to Los Angeles in 2000. His first studio was in Hollywood followed by Venice Beach where he first came to the attention of noted collectors in the movie industry, Silicon Valley, New York and Europe as well as corporate collections. His current studio is in the Mojave Desert town of Yucca Valley, California near Joshua Tree National Park. He has been the subject of a wide range of print and online media articles and has had numerous solo gallery shows. Recently he has been featured in museum shows at Laguna Museum of Art, Tucson Museum of Art, Riverside Art Museum and Palm Springs Museum of Art.

For More Information, please contact Merry Karnowsky at info@kpprojects.net

Press Contact: Jessica O’Dowd at jessica@kpprojects.net

Works Sold

Title: Chateau Marmont
Artist: Eric Nash
Price: $4,500.00


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633 N. La Brea Ave., Suite 104, Los Angeles CA 90036

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