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Ceramic Sculpture: Adesina Cooper, Carolyn Laliberte, and Tracey Weiss



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Saturday, 8 September 2018 to Saturday, 27 October 2018
Saturday, 8 September 2018 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

South Bay Contemporary, SoLA Gallery

Ceramic Sculpture:  Adesina Cooper, Carolyn Laliberte and Tracey Weiss
Curated by Peggy Sivert

September 8 – October 27, 2018
Opening Reception:  September 8, 3-6 pm

Three ceramic sculptors use clay as a medium to build installations that form individual environments.  Each artist has claimed 1/3 of the gallery space to express themselves from three differing perspectives; Psychological, Spiritual and Archeological.  The viewer is invited to become immersed in each installation, to respond to the world of questions and contemplations reflected by each artist and consider the value of art and imagination as a means to navigate our complex and conflicting world.

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Adesina Cooper uses the pyramid as a transition piece to her growth and healing.  Her intent is to replace unfulfilled memories and expectations of people from her past with understanding as she works towards rebuilding her foundation.  The Building blocks, either needing repair or resolve, represent the lessons she has learned about the importance of forgiveness. The sculptures document the growth, healing and restructuring of her life.  It is her hope that others will find a reflection of themselves in her sculptures and to ignite their healing process as she continues through her own.

Carolyn Laliberte, feeling the overload of communication and chaos of our contemporary world, struggles to find a place of spiritual clarity.  Laliberte explores thoughts and feelings through her imagination, asking questions that she knows cannot be answered. For this exhibition, she has created an imaginary world of floating ceramic boats. The 102 boats loom above, hanging from the ceiling in a mass of repetition. Representing humanity, the boats are as individuals - all headed in the same direction.  She questions how they are interconnected and although she has no clear answers, one thing she does know; We are all the same, human beings, who come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing.  

Tracey Weiss uses ceramic clay and repurposed plastic to create archeological imagery to reflect on the state of the living world as a result of current trends in industrialization. While consumer production has moved more and more towards plastic over the last few decades, society is finding itself surrounded by a plastic environment of its own creation; a world that is growing every increasingly obsessed with disposables.  This addiction to disposable plastic has impacted our entire ecosystem, inevitably including humans. She theoretically fast-forwards to a time when fossils of humans and animals of all kinds are imbedded with plastics.

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Free Saturday Workshops for all ages
Taught by the exhibiting artists

  • September 15, 2-4 pm:  Ceramic Sculpture Workshop with Tracey Weiss:  Create your own sculpture with Ceramic Clay.  
  • September 29, 2-4 pm:  Ceramic Sculpture Workshop with Adesina Cooper:  Create a three-dimensional sculpted puzzle using Ceramic Clay.
  • October 6, 2-4 pm:  Ceramic Sculpture Workshop with Carolyn Laliberte:  Create a ceramic mask for Day of the Dead.
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3718 West Slauson Ave Los Angeles, CA 90043

SoLA Contemporary , Los Angeles

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