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2022 - Political Storm



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Tuesday, 1 November 2022 to Saturday, 31 December 2022
Tuesday, 1 November 2022 - 12:00am

Though often divisive and inflammatory, we can't avoid politics in today's world. The intrinsic beliefs and opinions that shape us as human beings can almost always be seen in a political light.

This show takes place a right before the critical elections this exhibition hopes to explore our continued political discourse with the use of imagery to make the point of our current state of the nation.

The artwork in this exhibition explore various subject such as Animal Rights, Black Lives Matter, Blue Wave, Climate Change, Covid, Crime, Education, Environment, Gun Control, Gun Rights, Human Rights, Immigration, Inflation, Jobs and the Economy, LGBTQ+, Misinformation, Monkey Pox, National Security, Opioid Epidemic, Pride Issues, Pro- Choice, Pro-Life, Red Wave, Blue Wave, Tax Reform, Terrorism, Trade, Trans Rights.

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Celena Amburgey, Jon M. Ashcraft , Tim Atseff, Cat Auerswald, Sue Bradford, Kimberly Brammer, Ralph Broussard, Todd Brown, Stephen  Brunelli, JC Cancedda, Nikyra Capson, Bill Carson, M.D., Gloria Cassady, Vivian Cavalieri, Joseph Adam Chacon, Renee Noelle Cheesman, Bobby Kim Ling Chen, James Cicatko, Jana Cruder , Bryce Culverhouse, Mike D'Amelio, Angela Dagostino, Zachary Daly, Madeline Davis, Chris Desmond, Cory Calandra Devereaux, Ryan Dominguez, Deborah Emerson, Geraldine Ensminger, Carla Estevane , Stevenson Estime, Edward Ficklin, Desirée Filkins, Barbara Flye, Ryan ""Rhino"" Franklin, Steven R. Fujimoto, Louise Galea, Matthew Gallien, Diane Gavin, Charles Gitnick, William Glass , Bart Goldman, Nadia Linda Goldstein, Lindsey Morrison Grant, Eddie Gutierrez, B Hall, Cele Hanzel, Tarja J. Harney, Erica Hart, Diane Hathcoat, Calli Heflin, Susan Herre, Marcus Howell, Khalid Hussein, Clint Imboden, Carole Ince, Haro , Nancy C Jacques, Rossana Jeran , Philip Journeay, "Christopher Kaspar, ", John R Kazanjian, Nancy Kozikowski, Crystal Laman, David LaPalombara, Dr. Edith E. LeFebvre,      Sonny Lipps, Monica Lisette-Sanchez, Andrea London, Brandon Lowery, Christopher Madden, Pati Maguire, Deanne McKeown, Mary Lynn McPherson, Armin Mersmann, Joe Milelli, John Miles, Tracey Michele, Ann Marie Miller, Kenshin Miller, Rebecca Miller, Brandon Montgomery, Phyllis Moser, Barbara Mosher, Simply Muzing, Charlotte Newman, Mari O'Brien, Jan O’Dea, P.T. Parker, Joshua Peters, Michael J Peterson, Judy Polstra, Daniel Manning Pope, Jane Quartarone, Janine Rauscher, KS Revivo, Erin Rice, Lynne Roberto, Keith Rossein, Judith M Sachs, Bruce Sanders, James Severtson, Katrina Shafor, Rich Sheaffer, John Sheridan, Aza Smith, Leonie Sonderegger, Ileana Soto, Nevenka Spasic-Thater, Deborah Splain , William Stoneham, "Ryan Tesluk, ", Kerryann Torres, Annie Trevorah, G. E. Vogt, G. Robert Wagner, Rich Wagner, Jeanie R. Wakeland, Pacha Wasiolek, Jocelyn Greer Weeks, Joy Weinberg, Eric Welch, Kurtis Wells, Wendy Wetmore, Mary Wilhelm, Dustin Wilsor, Lorraine Woodruff-Long, Tina Ybarra

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577 S. Coast Highway Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Las Laguna Art Gallery , Laguna Beach

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