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DEGENERATE - New works by Jeremy Cross



Saturday, 10 June 2017
Saturday, 10 June 2017 - 7:00pm


      This June we invite you to join us as we bear witness to a massive outpouring of new work by Long Beach artist- Jeremy Cross

In scale alone, this show was a huge undertaking and in theme, no less so. 
Click the video to hear Jeremy, himself, elaborate.

Described by the artist as "an examination 0n moral anarchy" the themes here jump fluidly from sexuality to religion, mortality to indulgence. From humorous irony to out right assault on the moral standard.

Consisting of over 40 new pieces, "DEGENERATE", is a beastly chimera of techniques and materials.
Including new paintings, pyrography, assemblage sculpture, collage, as well as an installation wall with a mounted head and an illuminated cross set inside the shadow of a spectral figure. 

Full Press release and Video

Artist ( Description ): 

Jeremy Cross has been showing his work professionally in galleries across the country and abroad for over 12 years. Racking up an impressive resume of gallery affiliations and shows. Degenerate marks his 10th solo exhibition. 
 Unapologetically self taught, but with a crafted skill that clearly shows his dedication and work ethic,  Jeremy has created a style that is not only unique but immediately recognizable as his. 

At 40 years old, he has become a true working artist, Having quit his day job upon the birth of his son 4 years ago and now spends his days raising his boy and working in his onsite studio. 

Other Info: 


Venue ( Address ): 

Located in beautiful downtown Long Beach, Ca. The Dark Art Emporium is a diverse environment dedicated to showcasing the artists and creators that often fly under the radar of most people's perception of fine art. Here you will find everything from real human skulls, creepy dolls, unorthodox taxidermy, low brow and dark fine art.  We specialize in the strange and unusual because we ourselves are the strange and unusual.


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DEGENERATE - New works by Jeremy Cross


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