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The Sky's the Limit

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Thursday, 1 April 2021 to Friday, 30 April 2021
Thursday, 1 April 2021 -
6:30pm to 9:30pm

Las Laguna Art Gallery in Laguna Beach is pleased to present our new exhibition titled: Sky’s the Limit.

This exhibition is an Open Theme/All Media show and the works in this exhibition feature a wide variety of subjects and themes from skilled artists from around the globe.

Selected from hundreds of submissions this group of unique and fantastic artists submitted works in Acrylic, Assemblage, Color Pencil, Encaustic, Fiber Art, Glass Art, Mixed Media, Oil, as well as Traditional and Digital Photography.

A select number of works are available to view the month of April in our gallery located in the heart of Lagnuna Beach and all the works in this exhibition will be available online. Please stop by the gallery which is open every day of the week except Wednesday 11:30 to 5:30pm.

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Artists include: Dawn Allen, Lani Allen, Panne Ally, Morgan Anderson, Norman Aragones, Taskin B., Roxanne Baechler, Susanna Barger, David Barry, Teri Barton, Lisa Batchelder, Emily Beam, Katrina Benson LaGrandeur, Sean Bishop, Jessy Blume, Arman Brar, Wendy Brewer, Melanie Brock, Kate Brogdon, Jennifer Esther Brown, Robin Brownfield, William Bybee, Ronaldo Byrd, John Calabrese, Wanda Castle, Cesar Ceballos, Rose Cefalu, Kristy Chen, Lorie Chen, Miriam ‘MJC’ Chisala, Hazel Choo, Amber Coben, Sadique Jhalon Compton, Phil Conner, Aleka Corwin, Victoria Cracknell, Katie Crago, Courtney Crenshaw, Ivonne Cruz, Angela Dagostino, Jaren Dahlstrom, Jordi De La Opera, R.B. Demarest, Sarah Dicks, John Domont, Martin Došek, Austin Drew, Mel Dugosh,  Andy Eccleshall, Mattie Egerter, Jeff Ellis, Norm Ellis, Rachelle Farber, Xiao Faria daCunha, April Feldman, Paula Jennet Art, Christopher Fowler, Gaja Frampton, Daniel Francis, Rose Freeland, Arsenio Frontela, Wendy Fuselier, A. Galano, Joseph Garcia, Nancy Garrison, Mary Gill, Carol Gingrich, Malcolm Glass, Jacqueline Glassberg, Patricia Gould, Carly Grant, Asami Green, Sonia Greiner, Phyllis Gunderson, Austin A. Gundy, Oenone Hammersley, Joan Hansen, Augustus Harper, Susan Hartman, Summer Haynes, LaVonne Higgins, David Hile, Debi Hochberg, Amelia Holzer, Amy Houghton, Ann Huang, Sarah Hunter, Pere Ibanez, Loana Lidia Ilea, Randall Inkelas, Samantha Inman, Mariana Ivanova, Nancy C. Jacques, Laura James, Joanna Jass, Jill Jernigan, Suchita Jhawar, Feng Jiang, Surachet Jingjit, David Johnson, Abiella Joy, Tony Juliano, Amanda June, Kirby Kahl, Rebecca Katz, Bette Kauffman, Agnese Kaupere, James Keay-Bright, Lilach Keren, Jenny Keyser, Iffah Khan, Mike Kilgore, Brent Knippel, Natalia Kutova, Mark Landry, Diamante Lavendar, Sang Lee, Debi Ling, Elena Lipkowski, Andrea London, Jack ‘Stickboy’ Lorenz, Moira Lumpkin, Juliette Manolie, Elise Marshall, CL Martin, Irene Martinelli, Gail Martinez, Alessandro Masera, Marie Massey, Michael May, Tamani McCoy, Olly Mead, Sarah Means, Kathy Menzie, Fausto Mercado, Megan Mickael, Renee Marsha Miller, Ania Modzelewski, Peter Moen, Bita Mokhtar Masoumi, Tanya Momi, Alfonso Montana, Lindsey Morales, Bob Mosier, Jaira Munoz Zavala, John Nascimento, Tiffany Nesbit, Anona Neville, Joe Newcombe, Bex Nikols, Joe A. Oakes, Misbah Kyrene Ocean, Natalie Oliphant, Carolina Oneto, Valerie Ordas, Sandy Palasti, Tamara Peel, Jean-Paul Picard, Odinel Pierre, Barron Postmus, Letizia Prestipino, Elizabeth M. Preston-M.A.T., Kimberly Rademacher-Heuer, AJ “Spoopy” Rappaport, Miranda Ratner, Maria Reverberi, Ted Rigoni, Heather Rison, Shaun Roberts, Stu Rosen, Blue Monkey Rouveau, Suparna Sain, Dixie Salazar, Ramiro Santillan, Lynda Sauls, Steve Seagren, Lisa Segal, C. Shamon, Lisa Shislowski, Amy Slater, Bonnie Smith, Cindy Smith, Kendall Smith, Michelle Smith, Sarah Smith, Tony Smith, Rene Smoller, Steve Sorensen, Jonas St. Juste, Nancy Stainton, Hella1982 Creative X Stephenson, Jen Sterling, Jacob Stiltner, Terri K. Stromberg, Carlos Sullivan, Kenneth Susynski, Michelle Therrien, Linda Tinden, Maxim Titov, Marshall Toomey, Debbie Tracey, William Travis, Kat Trevino, Christopher Tucker, Rohaan Unvala, Minnie Valero, Stephanie Vlahov, Cynthia M. Warren, Jme Victoria, Jos Weeks, Davey Whitcraft, Ed Whitmore, Shawn Winchester, Katy Wright, Beka Wueste, Hansol Yeon, Rachel Young, Saul Zalesch, Bruce Zaretsky, Bruce Zhu, Shyneisha Zigler, Igor Zusev

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Quickly becoming one of the premier contemporary and fine art galleries in Laguna Beach, California; Las Laguna Gallery is dedicated to the exploration and engagement of contemporary and fine art visual culture – regionally, nationally, and internationally through unique collaborations between artists, students, and the community.

Las Laguna Gallery is located on Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Village. Laguna Village is an artist alcove situated on the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This location is a must stop location with artist galleries and jewelry shops. The location features a restaurant, bar, and live music in the fire-side theatre Tuesday through Saturday.

For more information, contact laslagunagallery@gmail.com.

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577 S. Coast Highway A-1 Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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