Closer: Works by Shinnosuke Miyake

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Friday, 13 July 2018 to Sunday, 9 September 2018
Friday, 13 July 2018 -
6:00pm to 9:00pm

Matthew Rachman Gallery is pleased to present Closer, Shinnosuke Miyake’s first solo exhibition. The exhibition opens on Friday, July 13th with a reception from 6 - 9pm and will continue through September 9th.

Through instantaneous and impulsive brushstrokes, Japanese artist, Shinnosuke Miyake uses painting as a form of sketching. Looking through the viewfinder of a camera, he carefully selects an inch by inch square of his initial painting. Using the selection as a source for reproduction, Miyake expands on the accidental. To Miyake, this process is a form of irony within abstraction. Though the works may seem fluid at first glance, the paintings are realistically reproduced moments within a larger picture. Works in Closer combines freeform mark making and rigorous technical painting, by transferring key details onto new canvases. Using this self-imposed process, Miyake produces new works of expanded windows of opportunities.

In the intimate process of seeing, expanding, and reproducing on a larger scale, Miyake is forced to view the painting through a magnified perspective. Picking up on every minuscule detail, enlarging, and visualizing it on a greater surface, he relives the moment again. The viewer is confronted with details that otherwise may be overlooked.

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Shinnosuke Miyake is a Japanese artist from Tokyo. Miyake's process begins with instantaneous and impulsive brushstrokes on canvas, which he refers to as a sketch. In using the viewfinder of a camera, Miyake selects a small inch by inch square from his initial painting. Using the selection as a source for reproduction, he uses his advanced technical skills to create realistically reproduced moments within a larger picture. 

Shinnosuke Miyake received his BFA from School of Visual Arts in Painting, and is currently working towards his MFA in Sculpture at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Miyake's work has been shown in New York and Chicago.


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1659 W Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60622

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