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States Of Being




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Wednesday, 7 March 2018 to Sunday, 11 March 2018
Thursday, 8 March 2018 - 7:15pm to 10:30pm

Reception, Thursday March 8th 2018, 7:00 - 10:30pm

Chinatown Soup Gallery – A reception for the art show “States of Being ” will be held March 8th 7:00 - 10:30pm. This Group Pop-Up Show during Armory week, runs through March 11th. and will feature new works by artists, Michael Krasowitz, Lori Horowitz, Izzy Nova, Mafe Izaguirre, and Andrea Lawl Manning. Join us for an evening of artwork, fashion and sounds by DiegoAGC ( from Long Island. Live dance performance by Wendi Weng, and intuitive spontaneous reaction to the artwork and music of the silk road. This provocative art event will be sure to enlighten, engage and entertain. 

Mike Krasowitz 
My images are doorways to an alternate dimension of space time. This world consists of biomorphic forms which are captured in a single frame which is tangential to our normative sense of what we call reality. This world exists deep in our souls, it is the undercurrent which informs our experience of the dimensional space we consider reality. 
The viewer sees this imagery as familiar, yet somewhat magical, somehow fantastical yet still within the parameters of consciousness. It is this familiarity which functions as a bridge to the viewer’s perception. The art is a trigger to re-associate the viewer’s personal spiritual quest to harmony and understanding.

Lori Horowitz
My artwork is a study of personalities and environments and my images digest the posture of individuals while faces reflect their stories. Often going unseen and unheard, we all contribute and make up this diverse and multi-faceted population. These strangers are subjects in my continuing series of mixed media life-sized theatrical characterizations. I appreciate the challenge of each piece, collapsing three dimensional pieces into 2 and 3 dimensional space and the process working with photography, wire, papier mache and painting. I seem to become somehow bonded to these individuals carefully exploring and interpreting their attitudes. This installation reflects interpretations of everyday life, catching moments in time. These works depict isolation, disassociation and violation, vs. confidence, security, and contentment. These mundane often overlooked interactions of individuals create an intimate view of “PERSONA”.

Izzy Nova
It’s meeting and bringing a complex stranger to life. Abandoning forethought and expectation recently both in art and in life has given me comfort in my inability to comprehend, control, or at worst, change what is larger than me. Instinct drives me to work quickly, chasing after a train of thought or feeling. Whilst, my other job is about connecting dots and enriching relationships in the composition’s space. It’s a balancing act that I have to walk away from sometimes and look at with fresh eyes. 
The final product is a foreigner, an image made from various materials, that’s been roughed up and coddled by me while I shaped it.

Andrea Manning
Andrea Manning is a Long Island based sculptor and installation artist. She studied at the Glasgow School of Art and earned a BFA from Pratt Institute. She has shown in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Glasgow, Scotland, Huntington, Patchogue, Riverhead and on the South Shore. Her current body of work examines the interaction between physical and virtual identity through ephemeral and time based hanging sculpture and installations that explore paint as a sculptural medium. 
The Accumulations series studies the carnal inner body, the meat and organs of a paint organism through the cannibalizing and reincarnation of older works. She compulsively collects the cast off and detritus of older pieces, small experiments, and assembles them. Shards of paint and silicone become tongues and valves; extrusions of caulk and polyurethane become tubes and veins. These accumulations document the moment where paint, image, and flatness grow from two dimensions into fleshy form en masse.

Mafe Izaguirre:
“I design machines that can feel.”
Mafe Izaguirre is a Venezuelan New York-based visual artist, who builds sensitive machines to explore the aesthetics of the artificial mind.
The Emotion Machine is an interactive mechanical entity, which interrogates the materiality and the visuality of the thought and invites the public to experience artificial states of mind. This sculptural electronic system composed of several sensitive mechanisms operates with custom software that embodies emotional mind maps. Mafe is interested in exploring the aesthetic of emerging technologies to create a lexicon that represents the artificial emotional language from the machine’s perspective. Many people find absurd the idea of objects that can "feel." Her work explores the creation of artifacts that mimic the human senses and consciousness. 
Framed as The Mind Project, she moves towards prototypes of sensitive machines based on Marvin Minsky's model from his book “The Emotion Machine.

Chinatown Soup Gallery: 16B Orchard St, N.Y., New York 10002 Gallery Hours: 11am - 7pm 
e-mail: Phone: 516 457 0122 
e-mail: Phone: 631 748 4196

631 748 4196
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16B Orchard St, New York, NY 10002


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States Of Being
03/07/2018 to 03/11/2018


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