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Odyssey: A 35-year Journey, 35th Anniversary Exhibition

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Friday, 14 September 2018 to Tuesday, 9 October 2018
Friday, 14 September 2018 -
11:00am to 5:00pm

Thomas Deans Fine Art celebrates its 35th anniversary with an exhibition featuring artists of international, national, and regional recognition, including British artists Christopher Le Brun and David Brayne; Alabama painter Carlton Nell, and New York artist mixed-media artist Fayer.
The exhibition will feature a group of paintings and other works by British artist Christopher Le Brun. Now president of the Royal Academy of Arts, London, Le Brun has been a major artist on the international stage since the early 1980s, where he made his mark first as a painter, then as printmaker and sculptor. His work is exhibited throughout the world, and the gallery is delighted that the artist has agreed to send work to the exhibition. Says Thomas Deans, “I have known Christopher personally for a number of years. He has always been generous in sending his work, in demand the world over, to Atlanta. We will be showing, among other wonderful things, unique proof states of recent woodcuts that sold out at Art Basel.” Several paintings are from a new series exhibited this summer at Cambridge University. His recent work focuses on pure painting that he describes as “primary, non-ironic” responses to the act of painting, rather than self-reflexive commentaries on the process.
Carlton Nell’s world is that of the Southern landscape. Living and working in Opelika, Alabama—Nell is a professor at Auburn University—he finds the extraordinary in the ordinary of the Alabama landscape. His highly selective eye and vision create unforgettable images out of something a simple as light on rising land. The New York Times wrote that the paintings of Carlton Nell were “enhanced by his paring of detail to a poetic minimum." Most of Nell’s work is on a uniformly small scale, 6 x 10 inches. For this exhibition, the artist has created paintings on a large scale, each 4 x 7.5 feet.  Nell’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the country and is found in many public and private collections. 
New York artist Laura Fayer makes process-oriented abstract paintings based on patterns of movement found in nature.  She then translates these patterns into densely layered paintings using oils, acrylics, ink, stencils, and stamps, "organizing the disparate elements into a loose geometry with organic rhythm.  She is influenced by Japanese concepts of asymmetry, economy of means, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation of integrity of natural objects. “I felt like I was somehow making these paintings that were rooted in something I had experienced as a child in Japan. I did some research and realized that, of course, that's where it was coming from. The paintings are a lot about discovery and exploration.”

David Brayne is an esteemed and popular member of Britain’s Royal Watercolor Society. His paintings, which is most always on paper, are complex and multilayered, revealing a variety of media and techniques. However, their design is relatively simple; the visual space is divided into general broad areas, and the interaction of planes place is conceptions within the contemporary idiom. His images are always suffused with a sense of wistfulness or quiet contemplation and are instantly recognizable. 
In addition, other gallery artist will make special contributions to the exhibition. These include Charlie Bluett, David Kidd, Thaddeus Radell, Paul Tamanian, and Scott Upton. 

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+1 404-814-1811

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690 Miami Circle NE #905, Atlanta, GA 30324

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