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Glen Three Hawks - 'Through a Solitary Lens'

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Saturday, 2 October 2021 to Saturday, 30 October 2021
Saturday, 2 October 2021 -
12:00pm to 2:00pm

Join us for the opening reception on Saturday October 2nd from 12-2PM and enjoy live music and refreshments!

From the artist:
"I am mainly a self-taught artist. I paint from the heart, off the cuff and from my dreams. I’m not into the cerebral rumination of art. Rarely do I sketch out and work and rework in the planning stage. I like to face the canvas and see what happens. I strongly believe in Sketchbooks and have dozens of my own. I Just go to my studio and produce. Influences include Rick Bartow, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Brian Rutenburg. All say (or did) the same thing; work on your art every day. Though respectful of the old masters and photorealistic art, it’s just not my style. I am much more moved by the capture of light and shape. The emotion of a painting or the incited reaction is what I chase in my own art. My style has a vast range as does my subject matter. Impressionism, Abstract, Figurative, Included Text, and more can work it’s way into my daily painting. I have worked in several mediums including oil and acrylic paints, woodworking, embellished gourd vessels, found object art, and garden sculpture to name a few. Painting has a firm grasp on me currently and I’m hope it doesn’t let go anytime soon."

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56 Main St, Ashburnham, MA 01430

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