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Ayiti Cheri - Fundraiser Silent Art Auction Benefitting RAJEPRE School, Haiti



Saturday, 5 November 2016
Saturday, 5 November 2016 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Hurricane Matthew has wreaked havoc in Haiti, hitting areas that still have not fully recovered from the earthquake there in 2010. It goes without saying that the most vulnerable people in this situation are the children of Port-au-Prince, in particular Cite Soleil, one of the most disadvantaged areas in the Western Hemisphere.

RAJEPRE School, founded in 2006 by Winter Luc, is a school and community organization dedicated to creating opportunities for young people in Cite Soleil. The school was badly damaged by the storm, and as a community hub, is in particular need of funds to help rebuild and assist the community.

Please join us at Mirus Gallery, 540 Howard St 3rd Floor, San Francisco, for a one-night fundraiser and silent art auction benefitting RAJEPRE and the community of Cite Soleil. This is an amazing opportunity to bid on works from major Bay Area artists while helping the people of Cite Soleil during this trying time.


Artist ( Description ): 

Works available by: Alice Koswara - L Jocelyn Herrada-Rios - Serge Gay Jr. - Akira Beard - Daryll Peirce - Kristin Farr - Ken Davis - Peter Adamyan - Max Kauffman - Kevin Earl Taylor - Brett Amory - Meryl Pataky - Ryan De La Hoz - Ferris Plock - Steve MacDonald - Jud Bergeron - Marcos La Farga - MARS-1 - Swampy (collection of Sheila Islam) - Robert Bowen - Ian Johnson - Jason Jagel - Sean Newport and more

Other Info: 

Work will be available online for remote bidding during the event at Previews will be available on the auction site in the days leading up to the event. Sponsored by Mirus Gallery and Temescal Brewing. For sponsorship opportunities and donations, please contact event curator Crystal Townsend at or 415.374.1272

Venue ( Address ): 

Mirus Gallery

Mirus Gallery , San Francisco

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