Performing | Shrine of the Goat | London Festival of Architecture 2022 | at Anise Gallery at The Old Chapel | London | Art Week

Shrine of the Goat | London Festival of Architecture 2022

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Friday, 10 June 2022 to Sunday, 12 June 2022
Friday, 10 June 2022 -
6:00pm to 9:00pm

Hidden within the bizarre dystopian world that is the Shrine of the Goat lies a fragile environment. The goats appear to have control but are they protecting it or taking it over? Tiny morsels of plant life remain in the hope that one day they will thrive once again.

Join us as live performance meets VR meets installation and imagination. And goats.

Working with performance artist, theatre director and curator Jacek Ludwig Scarso, theatrical live scenes are merged with music and an integrated VR Performance in response to the unique site of The Old Chapel, creating a dreamscape where visitors and performers intermingle.

Physically and virtually immersed in a surreal habitat, visitors are confronted with the image of goats as a poignant metaphor for stubborn resilience and an unpredictable future.

Playful, bizarre and mysterious, the piece directly responds to LFA‘s ‘act’ theme, using performance as a vehicle to interact with the idea of architecture as spectacle, and to poetically reflect on the fragility of an urbanised ecosystem.

Due to the event’s VR element, advanced booking is necessary. Tickets are available in 30-minute intervals and are sure to sell out – don’t miss out on the full Shrine of the Goat immersive experience! KIDS GO FREE!

Please also join us for the special launch event on Friday 10th where we will be joined by artist Jacek Ludwig Scarso for a curated talk. 

0208 858 3226
Venue ( Address ): 

27-33 Malham Road
Forest Hill
SE23 1AH

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