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Maidstone Young Artist Award

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Saturday, 21 July 2018 to Sunday, 20 January 2019

This exciting new bi-annual award is open to young artists in Maidstone, Kent and the South East. With two age categories of 16 – 21 and 22 – 30 years old, it gives young artists within education, or just establishing themselves, the chance to win the prestigious Maidstone Young Artist Award as well as a platform to exhibit and sell their artworks within the museums’ temporary exhibition galleries.

Looking back to the Maidstone Museums’ Foundation’s past and future; the theme for the competition this year will be ‘Friends’. This can be interpreted in any way that you wish, unfortunately though, we cannot accept any photography or digital media. 


16-21 years old:     1st Prize £250, Runner-up £50

22-30 years old:    1st Prize £250, Runner-up £50

The Visitors Vote

Visitors to the exhibition are given the chance to vote for their favourite artwork. The piece with the most votes wins ‘The Visitors Vote’. The artist’s prize is to have an exhibition of their artwork in the Café Gallery during 2019.                       

Why take part?

The competition is a unique opportunity within Kent to exhibit and sell work within the Museums’ exhibition galleries.  The entry fees for the competition, together with 25% commission from any sales made, will be fed back directly into supporting the temporary exhibitions programme, promotion and conservation of art at the museum.  

How do I enter?

The competition is open to artists who are 16 – 30 years of age on 1 January 2019. The cost of entry is £10 per artwork.  Artists are welcome to submit up to three works for consideration for inclusion in the exhibition.

Payment can be made below by ordering 1 ‘ticket’ per artwork you wish to submit. Please make your payment and then email your entry form and images to exhibitions@maidstone.gov.uk with your name on each item submitted in the title, i.e. A. Smith Award Entry 1.

Entry forms can be downloaded below (from 21 July) or collected direct from the Museum (also from 21 July 2018).  You will need to accompany your entry with a full colour image (Jpeg or Tiff) and a 100 word description of the artwork, with an explanation of how your work represents the theme of ‘Friends’. You will need to register below and make payment before submitting your entries.  An acknowledgement of all submissions will be sent via email; artists will be notified of the outcome of their entry by 31 January 2019.

The selection panel will meet after 20 January 2019 to draw up a short list of around 80+ works for display.  An exhibition of the works selected will run from 9 February to 21 April 2019. The team of judges will select and announce the winner on the preview evening, Friday 8 February 2019.

Closing date for submissions: Sunday 20 January 2019

About Maidstone Museums’ Foundation 

The ‘Friends of Maidstone Museum’ formed in 2003. A valued group of people with ideas for helping the museum through volunteering and fundraising; their assistance raising people’s awareness of all of Maidstone’s museums, which include the Queen’s Own Royal West Regiment Museum and the Carriage Museum has been invaluable. Today the ‘Friends’ are known as ‘Maidstone Museums’ Foundation’, or MMF, which is a registered charity (no. 802547), with a strong membership and portfolio of help it has provided to the museums; from conservation of artworks and objects to purchasing of items important to the history of Maidstone, plus assistance in the redevelopment of galleries through securing grant funding.

MMF is now pleased to be able offer its assistance to the young artists of Maidstone, Kent and the South East, while continuing with the valuable contribution towards the future of the museums and their collections. 

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01622 602838

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St Faith's Street



ME14 1LH

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