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Journeys by Akshita Gandhi

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Tuesday, 23 February 2021 to Tuesday, 23 March 2021

GABRIEL FINE ARTS proudly present Journeys by Akshita Gandhi.


You’re off,

Where to?

You’re making haste,

You’re running away.

A destination perhaps,

Or following sheep?

A herd, or a pack?

You’re running away.

Aimless, listless. Restless, breathless.

Your stairway to heaven, with open arms awaits.

Soul thwarted Senses inebriated Drink the elixir

Nirvana awaits.

-Akshita Gandhi


Throughout the current lockdown, we have remained open online, providing access to art and artists from across the globe. This February, we are delighted to present Journeys, the virtual solo exhibition of Mumbai-based multimedia artist Akshita Gandhi.

Journeys features reworked photographs of transport hubs, the Bahnhof in Zurich, and stations in Mumbai, as points of departure. In 2018, while traveling, Akshita Gandhi found inspiration in the idea of movement and change. By obstructing, or building, her path with layered paint and collages, Gandhi explores the complexities, contradictions but also the strengthening elements of journeying. 

Through her work, Gandhi uniquely combines the concepts of reality, myth, and emotion using photographs as her visual reference. In ancient Indian mythology gods constantly interact with each other: Shiva destroys, Brahma creates, and Vishnu preserves. Journey XI reimagines veering from lust and desire to detach from worldly things, a concept deeply rooted for “Shaivites,” a sect who worship Shiva in Indian mythology. In contrast, reverberating, Painfully Concealed Silence portrays passion. At a time of large protests and civil unrest in India, post-coloniality, and intensity in her personal practice, Gandhi evokes both departure and arrival.

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Akshita Gandhi is a multimedia artist based in Mumbai. She holds an MFA from the Lotus Institute in Dubai. By merging social, historical, and mythological concepts in her practice she concentrates on breaking out of stereotypical gender roles, grappling with the history of colonialism, and self-empowerment. Her body immersive installations include Le cirque de la liberté (2020), a mise-en-scene inspired by the circus, and Dare to Break Free (2020), a commission by the Berlin-based music festival Kater Blau. In the mixed media painting, lightbox, and poetry series Freedom, I Read Banned Books (2019-) she advocates breaking free from patriarchal structures. Using light as a guiding principle Gandhi’s work speaks to the transformative power of artistic practice.

Gandhi has collaborated with Frank DeBourge during New York Fashion Week and the Indian menswear brand Kurtees. Her work has been included in art exhibitions and collections across the globe. Private collections include Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.

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