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Invisible People

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Saturday, 2 July 2022 to Sunday, 10 July 2022

Award-winning cartoonist to shine light on people who feel invisible with Stoke Newington art trail.

Invisible People is a new public art trail coming to Stoke Newington this July, launching to showcase artwork by people who feel invisible, marginalized, who are disabled or have a learning disability.

This unique, inclusive exhibition will see art displayed in windows of independent shops and cafes throughout Stoke Newington, Hackney. The artwork will be for sale with 100% of proceeds going to the artists.

The art trail is curated by Stoke Newington local Henny Beaumont, Artist in residence for the Institute of Learning Disabilities and Respond UK and an award-winning political cartoonist.

“The Art Trail is a celebration of these people’s abilities, an opportunity to make people feel visible and for their artwork to be seen. It’s an appreciation of difference.” – Henny Beaumont

The Invisible People Art Trail forms part of the See You in Stokey marketing campaign organised by the Stoke Newington Business Association. The SNBA secured funding earlier this year through Hackney Council’s High Street Recovery fund. The trail is one of a number of business initiatives funded by the grant.

The Invisible People Art Trail will take place from 2-10 July, and will see artworks, including some by Beaumont’s 21-year-old daughter Beth, showcased in the windows of local shops and restaurants around Stoke Newington Church Street and High Street in a celebration of difference and talent.

“As a mother of someone with a learning disability and Down’s Syndrome, it’s really important that people see and recognise my daughter and her abilities – like any other mum, you want that,” said Henny Beaumont.

The project is being run in partnership with the SNBA and Kate Revere of social enterprise Revere the Residence, where Beth works during the holidays. Revere’s daughter Piper is deaf and autistic.

Revere the Residence offers employment and work experience to young people with disabilities or additional needs, or to their parents.

Beaumont said: “Kate and I bonded over a sense that we both feel our daughters are a bit invisible. There is a sense that they are not part of the community – friendships are very difficult, and isolation is a real problem. It’s very difficult because people just see the disability first of all and don’t take on board all the other wonderful characteristics.”

Just 5% of adults with learning disabilities are employed.

Beaumont added: “It’s outrageously low. Beth’s college has a 65 per cent rate of employment after college – it shows what can be done. We’re trying to do something to help people make some money and be recognised.”

Invisible People was previewed in Stoke Newington last week with a sneak peak of some of the artworks and illustrations that will feature in the art trail projected onto the famed local Banksy wall on Stoke Newington Church Street, courtesy of Projections on Walls.  A host of aspiring artists who feel marginalised have submitted work for the exhibition. They include:

Beth, who creates colourful pictures of family and friends. Beth has Downs Syndrome. “When I do my painting, it does relax me. People might like my pictures, I feel happy.”

Piper, whose art is packed full of passion, love and heartbreaks. Piper is deaf and autistic. “I love drawing it helps me take it easy with my wobbly balance.”



Invisible People

2nd -10th July 2022

Stoke Newington, London N16


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Stoke Newington Church Street and Highstreet, London N16

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