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Two-Day Beginners Corsetry Making, London, UK

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This corset making class offers beginners the opportunity over just two days to make-to-measure their own corset that is guaranteed to transform the figure into a shape you didn't realise you had and certainly won't want to lose!

The course is aimed at both those looking to gain new skills in clothes making as well as fashion fanatics keen to create an original piece of vintage inspired lingerie.

  • During the first day of the corset making class students get to grips with manipulating patterns and making up a shape that will be fitted to their individual figure. Specialist material is used to form the base into which spiral bones are then inserted, producing the unique support that professional cut and styling of corsets provides.
  • Day two of the corset making class sees the final making up and finishing with the objective of completing a finished garment by the end of the course.

The course tutor will contact each student prior to them attending the corset making class to discuss their shape, get their measurements and make sure she is well prepared with base patterns to suit their general body shape.

Price includes all specialist corsetry materials and findings - coutil fabric, spiral boning, busks, eyelets, lacing and sewing thread, and refreshments. 

The difference between Beginners course and the Advanced course:

In the beginners course you will be building up a pattern to your own measurement and make a one-layer corset. You can choose to create either a waspie style or full corset in black or white. This will be a plain corset with plain black or white lacing without decoration unless you work very fast and have already got your own patterns, in which case simple decoration is possible under the tutor's guidance.

In the advanced course you will learn the special techniques of making a two-layer corset based on the pattern you have created in the beginners course. Different fabrics can be used on the two layers. You are welcome to bring fabrics such as satin, silk, lace overlay and retro fabric to give the corset a couture touch.

Things you need to bring with you:

  • sharp scissors
  • notebook
  • pencils
  • rubber/eraser
  • thimble
  • headed pins and hand sewing needles

Students are required to have a good experience of using domestic sewing machines to take this class. Class maximum: 6 students

Venue ( Address ): 

Prescott & Mackay
c/o Black Truffle
52 Warren Street

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