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One-Day Visit to Shoemaking Suppliers in Northampton

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This course can be taken alone or together with the advanced Four-Day Handmade Shoemaking Course. Accompanied by our tutor, students will visit specialist shoe component suppliers in the Northampton area, which has long been established as the British footwear capital.

The visit will include: Spring Line last makers, Dickens Brothers Ltd. and A&A Crack & Sons. If you are attending the handmade shoemaking course, please remember that you need to bring your own pair of lasts. If you do not already have a pair, you will be able to order them from Spring Line during the visit, to arrive on time for the next scheduled course.

Schedule for the day:

11 am: students are welcomed by our tutor at Northampton station.

Spring Line has been manufacturing lasts for the last 25 years and provides shoemakers all around the UK, remaining the only supplier in Britain. Their services range from bespoke hand-crafted wooden models to durable plastic lasts in all sizes and fittings.

You will have the opportunity to visit the factory and shop under the guidance of their expert personnel.

Lasts can be tailor-made to customer specifications, with different hinges, plugs, plates and slots in toes. All lasts are made by experienced, highly skilled artisans.

Dickens Brothers Ltd is a small family company, which has been producing leather since 1897. Nowadays is one of the oldest established leather manufactures and merchants in the country.

The company’s speciality is vegetable tanned kipsides and cowcalf leather, for a vast range of uses. Leather can be moulded into shapes and provided in different thicknesses. They also have a bespoke colour service for customers with very specific requirements.

Students will be able to visit the place with Dickens' specialist and to buy products for their own projects.

A&A Crack & Sons is a leather supplier with a wide range of leathers in stock to buy directly, including specific types for shoe and handbag production. They supply to large manufacturers but also to smaller business and individuals, with a complete room for students.

Their products include fashion leathers, bespoke, hair on, exotic, satchel, vegetable tanned and rugged leathers among others.

This is an extra option to research materials for your projects.

The visit will end at approximately 5pm.

Travel expenses to Northampton are not included in the course fee. Students are advised to arrange their own travel to and from Northampton station.

Venue ( Address ): 

Prescott & Mackay
c/o Black Truffle
52 Warren Street

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