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Fire Water Stone

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Tuesday, 29 June 2021 to Saturday, 17 July 2021
Saturday, 26 June 2021 - 6:00pm

Artizan is delighted to be welcoming Exeter based artist Rod Ashman to the gallery for a 3-week solo show in our main gallery space.

A previous exhibitor with us in several group shows, we are looking forward to this dedicated exhibition of his work, providing the opportunity to see works from three series that Rod has been working on over the last few years – Fire Water and Stone.

Rod’s work is concerned with an emotional intrigue that is less man, more nature. In both his paintings and ceramics, he tries to explore the energies and changes seen in the elements. Most days he will work in his studio or explore an area gathering information in workbooks for future paintings or ceramic forms.

Whilst outside in the landscape, it is not a topographical approach that he is interested in but rather the energy of the place. The images that are generated are only part of the process. Memories of the activity, the looking experience, the feelings, and emotions are as essential as any mark making done on the spot.

Once back in the studio all experiences can come into play from many different times and places.

Rod is a recipient of the Artizan 2021 Bursary Programme

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I like working with a range of media and materials on a variety of surfaces. I suppose my favourite surface to work on is heavy watercolour paper, which I can tear and dig into.  My subject matter tends to be either landscape, seascape and architectural structures.

Working outside in the elements is a joy and presents different challenges compared to studio working in my studio. Both are important to me.

A purely topographical approach doesn’t really interest me, rather I endeavour to bring together what is experienced through the senses with memories, knowledge of media, techniques and processes. Allowing for the most important element of course which is chance.


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Artizan Gallery

7 Lucius Street



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