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Echoes In Time



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Saturday, 19 March 2022 to Saturday, 9 April 2022
Friday, 18 March 2022 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Exploring Identity

Continuing our Bursary Programme our Spring exhibition showcase, Echoes in Time, welcomes artists who in their work explore themes of identity, the self, and the effect of time on both these constructs. Whether it be through traditional portraiture or a presentation of the self in a more abstract or narrative space, the participating artists look at the complex relationships we have with the evolving self.

Featuring artists, Thomas Oscar Miles, Rocio E. Bucheli, Genevieve Murray, Emma Roberts and Virginia Griem; Becky Nuttall's, "Art of the School"; and our Artist Support Pledge also showcase.across our other spaces.

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Emma Roberts

Emma's practice is embedded in the knowledge that in a moment, a brief, indefinite interval of time, everything can change. Exposure to life’s fragility drives her to linger when tender moments arise and notice when connections and disconnections occur.

Emma makes oil paintings on linen canvases in a process that makes and removes marks, overlaying imagery, and revealing figures and the emotion of a moment. Although there is often a sense of immediacy and looseness in her current works, such as Fight No Longer, there are also more ridged elements to her practice and her paintings. She likes these expressive and rigid elements to either sit together in paintings, or take certain pieces down longer journeys. Emma makes both large and small works, often veering to the miniature. she is fascinated in the sense of preciousness and how it becomes entwined in objects, and the impact of scale on perception.

Thomas Oscar Miles

Thomas's art looks to inspire self-empowerment, through embracing our vulnerabilities. This is celebrated through fragile and detailed imagery, centred around the narratives. In his work,he talks about personal fears and darker experiences. Thomas gives his characters opportunities to wear these like a crown. How can we appreciate our light when we brush the darkness under the bed, ignored? He hopes that his work can show people how multi-layered each one of us is, showing a unity in our humanity.

Thomas talks in his work about personal experiences such as mental health and his ever-growing relationship with my autism. He chooses to represent these in his work through visuals such as decay, bones, and shadow filled corners of a woodland. Thomas's  new series 'Our Beautiful Demise' speaks on a similar theme: wearing our fears with pride, binding them tightly to our flesh. 'I have grown up fearful of my personal shadows, I now instead hope to educate others on this and create a platform to spotlight issues we all go through'.


Rocio E Bucheli

Rocio is an artist, native to Colombia, who has combined experiences from both her Colombian past and her current life in England, to which she immigrated in 1991.

Now, having spent almost equal periods of time in Colombia and the UK, her confrontation with the duality of her cultural identity manifests itself particularly strongly. However, her spiritual faith and art allow her to celebrate it. Religious ideas, iconic figures, nature, places and imaginary themes are the core concepts that she portrays in her pieces.The contrasts between illusion and reality, and perception and sensitivity, help to shape feelings and attitudes towards her artwork.

Rocio aims to engage with viewers via these same kinds of impulses and open people’s eyes to previously unconsidered ways of seeing and being in the world; or to expand and change the ways of how we view it!

Her work has been exhibited in Colombia, Spain, London, Bath, Bristol and Berlin and her work has been acquired by public and private collectors


Genevieve Murray


Genevieve is an Exeter based artist specialising in oil portraits, both commissions and her own work. When painting portraits, she prefers to use deep colour, with contrasting light and a striking composition. Old masters such as Manet, Vermeer and Caravaggio are important influences in her work and  she often like to replicate their traditional way of framing and lighting a portrait. Genevieve paints her portraits from photographs which are as unposed and natural as possible. She likes to work from images which illustrate a moment in time, an unusual pose, an interesting expression, or the way the light and atmosphere of a setting shapes a person. She is eternally intrigued by individuals around me and  looks for a composition which will reflect and enhance the soul of her subject. 'My fascination for others is revealed in the way I try to capture a brief moment of their life in paint.'


Virginia Griem


Virginia is a potter and painter and  has exhibited in many local exhibitions, and last year participated in her fourth Open Studios.

Virginia, originally from London, has lived in Spain, Dubai and briefly in Paris.  In 1986 Virginia moved to Torquay and in 1987 she joined the local paper where she saw many changes in the move to digital production.  She retired from the newspaper in 2014 and now lives in Kingsteignton.

Virginia works at Janet Street’s studio in Ideford and concentrates on hand-built ceramics mainly in stoneware. In this exhibition Virginia will be exhibiting a series of pots expressing the identity of our landscape as well as womanhood and working people.

07522 509642
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Artizan Gallery

7 Lucius Street





Artizan Gallery , Torquay

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