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Jeremy Nelson | Working Drawings

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Saturday, 7 October 2017 to Saturday, 28 October 2017
Saturday, 7 October 2017 -
2:00pm to 5:00pm

Jeremy Nelson is an artist/maker living in Romney Marsh. His exhibition, ‘Working Drawings’, brings together the rigour of architectural drawings with studies of organic forms which show Jeremy’s abiding fascination for the natural world.
Early drawings follow the development of Jeremy’s work as a young man in London. These beautifully detailed drawings were produced as visions for community projects & buildings. More recent work features as part of a collection titled ‘Nature Moves’. These drawings and stone carving studies reveal a more abstract method of working and include images of water, shells and wheat.
Join us for a private view: Saturday 7 October, 2-5pm

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Jeremy Nelson, Artist's Statement:

As a young student in the Sculpture Department at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in my second year I won a prize which consisted of a fully subsidised visit for
one week in firstly Florence and then Rome . The year was 1968-69 and the experience of this visit was to influence the rest of my life’s work for in both Florence and
Rome I was able to study the work of the artists of the Quattrocento. It was the architecture and buildings that most immediately I felt a new affinity with.
It was experiencing those spaces at that particular time which led to the drawings and final pieces that I developed in my final year at College and Postgraduate year after, of which some of the earliest drawings are shown here.
During the following decade I worked on several projects which were to do with architectural spaces, one of the earliest being a design for a Craft Show Room at Camden Lock where I lived and had a studio/workshop and which was just being developed for the first time as a place for craftsmen and women to work.
I continued to be involved in making and teaching and in 1978 set up a sawmill on the Romney Marsh. One of the most satisfying projects to
be involved in was the supply of timber and making of the flitch-beams for the new Glyndebourne Opera House –at last a privilege to be involved in building a theatre which had been my ambition since those early drawings made on my return from Florence and Rome.
I have always had more interest and affinity with anonymous makers. What I am trying to develop now and which I started developing 10 years ago are carvings that hint at evolutionary
processes that are beyond our control . I hope to leave signs which could be recognised as moments in time that relate over millennia and could be naturally found archetypal objects rather like fossils; found objects with historical references. Drawing has always and will continue to be the most direct way I can understand the aspects of a form that I am imagining - whether it is an architectural structure or pictorial representation of elements that I am trying to realise. My drawings often are made side by side with the carvings but should I hope stand on their own.

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Exhibition runs: 7 - 28 October. Opening View (all welcome) Saturday 7th October, 2-5pm and thereafter open Weds-Saturday 10am-2pm and by appointment.

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Rye Creative Centre, New Road, Rye, TN31 7LS

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