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IN THE ZERO OF FORM - A Solo Exhibition by Hanna ten Doornkaat

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018 to Saturday, 16 June 2018

In the Zero of Form was created in direct response to the architectural space of One Paved Court and offers a unique insight into the artist's experience of what it means to make a mark in the twenty-first century.

Taking its title from Malevich's concept of Suprematism as a form of expression that moves as far as possible from the world of natural forms and subject matter, In the Zero of Form is a reflection on Hanna ten Doornkaat's affinity to the idea of pure abstraction, and in particular Malevich's 'Black Square' painting.

Limiting herself to four materials - graphite pencil, gesso, acrylic and plywood - Hanna ten Doornkaat undertakes a repetitive process of marking and erasure, revealing and concealing, building up multiple layers in each work. This process of flux and transformation is the artist's response to the continual thread of fleeting moments in the digital age.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue featuring an essay by Brooke Leigh on the performative drawing process of ten Doornkaat's practice

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Hanna ten Doornkaat is a UK-based German artist who is primarily concerned with the repetitive process of mark-making and challenging the concept of drawing.

020 8408 2139
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One Paved Court is an artist-run space in the heart of Richmond-upon-Thames that houses an architect-designed gallery and studio space under the same roof.

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1 Paved Court, Richmond TW9 1LZ

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