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Thursday, 2 July 2020 to Friday, 31 July 2020


What We See, 2 – 31 July 2020, Online Viewing Room

July 2020, London – Gillian Jason Gallery, specialists in modern and contemporary art by women, has today launched its first online exhibition through its new architecturally designed 3D Virtual Reality digital platform. What We See features eight internationally recognised and emerging female artists, exploring the theme of identity and examining life through a female gaze.

What We See can be viewed through the gallery’s new 3D Virtual Reality space, allowing users to explore the environment and interact with the artwork from any device, anywhere and anytime.

What We See brings together the work of eight critically acclaimed female artists including:

Jiab Prachakul, BP Portrait Prize Winner 2020, a contemporary figurative painter whose work is concerned with exploring identity and the revelations that can be discovered through rigorous observation; she paints with luminosity and takes us to the heart of her sitter;

Ania Hobson, BP Portrait Prize Winner 2019 whose architectural style portraits reflect a uniquely identifiable aesthetic. Hobson studied at the Princes Drawing School in London and the Florence Academy of Art and has exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2019;

The internationally renowned Chinese-born Sougwen Chung whose work is deeply rooted in AI technology and robotics, examining the symbiotic relationship between human and machine; 

Emma Hopkins won the BP Portrait Young Artist Award Prize in 2019 and focuses almost exclusively on nude portraits that are sculptural in style and clinical in detail. Hopkins has a fascination with themes of anatomy, psychology and mortality;

Other artists featured in What We See include Ukrainian artists Alina Zamanova, Russian artist Yulia Bas, contemporary painter Nancy Cadogan and the British sculptor Sadie Clayton, all of whom have exhibited their work internationally.

Elli Jason Foster, Director Gillian Jason Gallery, commented: “Over the past 40 years, Gillian built a leading gallery that championed the careers of some of the finest British artists. Influenced by her pioneering legacy, we have turned towards a unique focus championing art by women. We are delighted to present What We See, a carefully curated exhibition that showcases eight of the most incredible emerging artists working at the heart of the art world today.  This is an exhibition of two parts:  the intersection of art and technology coming together in a new post-pandemic digital world and a continuum for the work of the gallery in championing the important work of emerging female artists.”

What We See is available to view online until 31 July at

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