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Tide - solo show by Sam Peacock

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Saturday, 10 July 2021
Thursday, 10 June 2021 - 6:00pm

From June10 –July 3, London-based affordable art gallery Kahn Gallery will be showing exclusive new artworksby Sussex artist Sam Peacock, his first solo show in the capital since 2017, at their North London venue. As part of “Tide”, Peacock will be exhibiting work created during the first lockdown, a period when he felt “weirdly free to do what he wanted as the pressure to produce a constant stream of work had been removed”. “Tide”,the show’s title, comes from the unique constraints of creating during a pandemic”, Peacock explains. “As I was preparing for this show during the first 2020 lockdown, I began to notice changes in the way I worked and created colours and textures. Since we were only allowed outside for an hour a day, I would go with my family to the nearby beach. The sea played a massive part in my creative inspiration and it was a backdrop to thechanges in society, such as we are witnessing now. The word "Tide" seemed appropriate for the show.”The 25 artworks on display were made using fire over a metal sheet as a main source. Because of lockdown, Peacock would light fires either really early in the morning or late at night in the garden so as not to annoy home-bound neighbours with the smell of burning chemicals. In keeping with local requirements, he dimed them so they wouldn’t affect anyone with breathing difficulties.“It’s only fitting that our first solo show since the end of the third lockdown is dedicated to artwork created during and impacted by the early days of the pandemic. The past 15 months have been difficult for the artwork and I am delighted to be able to safely welcome art lovers again in our North London gallery. Sam peacock’s artwork is bright and hopeful and a little slide of sea to hang on your walls,” Geraldine Hassler, Kahn Gallery founder, said. Kahn gallery 6, Queen’s Parade, Walm Lane, NW2 5HT London | Free entry. Walk-ins welcome however, because of COVID-19 safety measures, we strongly encourage bookings here: https://calendly.com/geraldine-kahn-gallery/25min?month=2021-06

Title: Instow Bay
Artist: Sam Peacock
Dimension: 85 × 2 × 35 cm

Title: Fairy
Artist: Sam Peacock
Dimension: 100 × 2 × 100 cm

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6 Walm Lane NW2 5HT

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Tide - solo show by Sam Peacock


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