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Tarek Sebastian Al-shammaa: P.O.V, C.K, T.V

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Wednesday, 30 May 2018 to Saturday, 30 June 2018
Thursday, 31 May 2018 - 7:00pm

Building on the success of the artist’s first solo show Fall of Europe II that took place at Gallery Different last year, PUBLIC: Gallery & Studio is delighted  to  present  P.O.V, C.K,  T.V, the second solo exhibition of London based artist Tarek Sebastian Al-shammaa.

Born and raised  in  London  to  French  and  Iraqi  parents,  Al-shammaa  grew  up  straddling these two distinctive cultures infusing his work with a melting pot of ideas. He creates eye-catching and evocative compositions that engage  with  history  and  are injected with a piercing overtone  of  the  contemporary.  The  exhibition  will  present  a new body of work which explores the sadism of pop culture and the lurid  commercial world, observing life’s capitulations on a great scale.

Within  these  portraits  and  haunting  narratives  recurring  themes  include  consumerism,  corruption,  love,  lust,  addiction,  sobriety   and   mortality.   Remixing classic photos of celebrities and personal anecdotes, Al-shammaa’s work maintains an element of ambiguity, encouraging viewers to question what they see and draw out  multiple interpretations. The titles indicate the poignant context of each piece and are  often linked to specific events, pop culture icons or taken from iconic songs and films.

Al-shammaa’s subject matter utilises appropriated images from a variety of  sources including old magazines, 1960s calendars and the ongoing  stream  of  TV;  generally  sparked by an unconscious and spontaneous selection of ideas rather than  any preconceived concepts about content or value. With these cues as a basis he relies on a  raw, unfiltered style of painting that  draws  attention  to  the  act  of  making  itself,  recently expanding his practice to monolith-like sculptures that embrace the new in an ancient found artefact.

Working mainly on a large-scale, Al-shamma’s  work  ruminates  on  past  capitulations  while also engaging with contemporary struggles. He inadvertently encourages us not to make the same mistakes as our predecessors, but in this age of increasing anxiety, uncertainty, and alienation teases us with the inevitability of our choices.

PUBLIC: Gallery & Studio:

PUBLIC is a contemporary gallery specialising in solo shows of emerging artists founded in 2018. Based in the creative hub of Hackney Downs Studios, East London, their exhibition programme features carefully selected artists that they believe combine a strong creative vision, notable technical ability and artistic integrity. Through their exhibitions and events, they are devoted to fostering meaningful interaction between a dynamic network of artists, collectors and the public.


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Tarek Sebastian Al-shamma (b. 1982) is a self-taught artist that dropped out of art school after a month, rejecting a formal training to cultivate his own artistic education. Born and raised in London to French and Iraqi parents he grew up straddling these two distinctive cultures infusing his work with a melting pot of ideas. Following the success of the artist’s first solo show Fall of Europe II that took place at Gallery Different last year, Al-shammaa’s work can be found in a number of important international private collections.

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