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Sarah Bahbah: SPLASH

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Friday, 8 June 2018 to Friday, 22 June 2018

Artist and influencer Sarah Bahbah is thrilled to announce her first UK solo exhibition opening 8 June 2018 at Lawrence Alkin Gallery in Mayfair. Following her major success at Art Basel Miami and ever-expanding 520k Instagram following, the show will present a collection of the 26-year-old’s viral cinematic photography and written dialogue infused with her signature brand of youthful feminine ennui. Her raw storytelling visuals illustrate themes of sex, romance, heartbreak and coming of age.

In her latest collection ‘SPLASH’, the Palestinian-born, Australian-raised artist crystallises the universal but rarely captured experience of oversaturated, intense feelings and imperfect relationships. Her characters give voice to the vast spectrum of emotion lived by an underrepresented demographic, spanning the desire for true love, fear of commitment, playful ambivalence towards life and the paradox of wanting intimacy but craving isolation.

Known for her explicit exploration into the intimate psyche of millennial women, Bahbah empowers her audience to embrace indulgence and self-love in all its forms. Smashing the stereotype of female emotion being a hindrance, her storytelling harnesses the power of the taboo and celebrates the liberation of transparency and desire.

Displayed in major art exhibitions around the world with celebrity admirers including Emma Watson, Diplo and Sophia Bush, her practise has been celebrated in Vogue and Forbes. With a cult-like following on Instagram, her feminist social cause has worldwide reach and impact.

With anticipation for her London show simmering among fans, it’s clear that Bahbah is solidifying her position as one of the most influential independent visual artist of our time.

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Sarah Bahbah grew up as a Palestinian in Australia. She went viral in 2014 with her photography and written word series ‘Sex and Takeout’. She has since taken her followers on a whirlwind of quasi-narrative series-based photo shoots, all exploring emotional freedom and the power of embracing indulgence. Culminating in 2015’s ‘Summer Without A Pool’ through to 2018’s ‘I Could Not Protect Her’, @sarahbahbah is now one of the most shared accounts on Instagram.

Since 2015, her emotionally introspective work has been featured around the world in numerous art exhibitions and galleries with highlights including Scope, Art Basel Miami and Zonmaco Mexico, where her work was displayed alongside Andy Warhol. Most recently her work was on show at START in the Saatchi Gallery in London. Since 2017, Sarah has also been independently hosting hugely successful solo exhibitions all over the US, most recently ‘Fuck Me, Fuck You’ this year in New York City.

The pop culture influencer has shot fellow famous identities such as Neels Visser, Dylan Sprouse, Cindy Kimberly, Sonia Ben Ammar and Adesuwa Aighewi. Her progressive work has been featured in Vice, Forbes, Paper, Wonderland, Nylon, Cosmopolitan and Glamour, among others.

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42 Old Compton Street, WC2H 8DA

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