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Friday, 13 October 2017 to Friday, 15 December 2017

Renowned contemporary Italian gallery, Dorothy Circus Gallery, is excited to announce the opening of its temporary British branch in London’s Notting Hill.  On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, and to celebrate a decade of successful exhibitions in Rome, the Gallery has decided to prepare more than a celebration, giving birth to a grandiose reunion of its most important pop surreal icons that will collaborate with new international figures in a magical meeting, beginning in London on October 2017, and continuing in Rome on November 2017.

“Pages from Mind Travellers' Diaries” is the name of the Group show, a title mirroring the Gallery’s restless mood and Ideologies.  That is the way it all started, with the idea of a journey toward the remotest ways of surrealism, a journey full of surprises and significant meetings that shaped DCG’s identity. Today, the Gallery wants to keep on wandering, as a circus, to open its curtains once again to a new public, to collect new essential moments for its travel diary. The group shows in the spirit of travel represent a way to commemorate the gallery’s goals and to pronounce its intense itinerary.

With the aim of spreading its image around the world, while absorbing new cultural contests the Gallery starts its journey around Europe heading towards a new capital, London. Shifting from extremely bizarre tastes to the most refined tendencies, what could have been a first destination for the Circus if not the magnificent London? The city of the extreme glamour, the dynamic center of fashion, which can suddenly turn into the elegant abode of the evening teas, has the perfect atmosphere to welcome DCG’s unique style. 

"One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things."  Henry Miller

“Each one of us was assigned his own journey. We bring into it our family background, carrying in our hearts our family members and the special people we meet, who become deeply rooted in a personal circus we travel with constantly. Each of us has his unfollowed path to go through, his own doors to unlock in order to free his soul, to sail out into the infinite visions coming from his mind. The place we reach is not down any map, as true places never are. It might be the secret garden where the holy blue resides or the glorious land of a still time and memory. By experiencing, dreaming, and discovering we fill our suitcase with ghosts of love and emotions. While losing sight of the shore, we are finally wanderers and we discover ourselves.”

Alexandra Mazzanti, Founder of Dorothy Circus Gallery

The first Group Exhibition in London will feature the artists Kazuki Takamatsu (JP), Joe Sorren (USA), Marion Peck (USA), Ray Caesar (UK), Travis Louie (USA), and Camille Rose Garcia (USA). Those are popular names of Pop Surreal characters already on the scene from a very long time; that is why Dorothy Circus decided to call them to introduce the Pop Surreal rooted culture on the English ground. Those great artists’ extravagant production, made of all the possible artistic mediums and personal styles, going from the digital highly detailed images to a more painterly approach of the brushes on canvas, will be a guide for the visitor to start exploring the intricate realms of this art. After the long-awaited event, they will keep on working with DCG as icons, for a brilliant course of solo exhibitions, one per each artist that will start with the coming of 2018, in Rome. 

The 10th Anniversary Group exhibition in Rome, instead, will be a broader celebration involving the already known artists Adam Wallacavage (USA), Alessia Iannetti (IT), Gary Baseman (USA), Kukula, (IL), Kwon Kyungyup (KR), Millo (IT), Clementine de Chabaneix (FR), Leila Ataya (RU), Miss Van (FR), Naoto Hattori (JP), Natalie Shau (LT), Nouar (USA), Scott Musgrove (USA), Tara McPherson (USA), Zoe Byland (CH), Sas Christian (UK), John Brophy (CA), Kris Lewis (USA), that will be reunited with us to bring their fervent energy and thrilling ideas back to DCG. New popular entries such as Amandine Urruty (FR), Atsuko Goto (JP), Greg Craola (USA), Ozabu (JP), Rafael Silveira (BR), in collaboration with DCG for the first time, will make this event even more special by sharing with us the astounding products of their Pop Surreal minds.

Mixing its old and new glories, this celebration will sign the beginning of a sensational tour around the world, in the spirit of Pop Surrealism.

Artist ( Description ): 

Featuring : Kazuki Takamatsu , Joe Sorren , Marion Peck , Ray Caesar, Travis Louis, and Camille Rose Garcia.

Venue ( Address ): 

Dorothy Circus Gallery

79-81 Ledbury Rd

. London W112AG

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