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OKUDA San Miguel: Freedom Is the New Rainbow

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Friday, 24 September 2021 to Saturday, 30 October 2021

Dorothy Circus Gallery London in collaboration with Ink and Movement is proud to present “Freedom is the new Rainbow”, a solo show by internationally renowned contemporary artist Okuda San Miguel. The show will inaugurate on the 24th of September, 2021, at Dorothy Circus Gallery at 35 Connaught Street, W2 2AZ, London. Simultaneously the Roman premises of Dorothy Circus Gallery will host a Focus Show dedicated to the artist in Via Dei Pettinari 76, 00186, Rome on the 16th of September. 

In line with its curatorial path, Dorothy Circus Gallery once again devotes its attention to one of the excellences of international street art. Following the hypnotising figures presented by French artist Miss Van with a solo exhibition, “Pale Moonlight Muses”, renowned Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel follows with a brand new series similarly inspiring. 

Sophisticated and colourful characters are both present in Okuda's brand new series in which the subjects and objects are bound to the theme of freedom and emancipation. His unique iconographic pattern, inspired by the most recent phenomenons of contemporary society, makes him one of the most important street artists of a new generation hungry for change. 

Deeply influenced by the surrealistic works of Dalí and Magritte, and from the compositions of Hieronymus Bosch as much as Niki de Saint Phalle, Yayoi Kusama, Keiichi Tanaami and Tomokazu Matsuyama, the artist's paintings bring us back to the geometric decomposition of Picasso and Braque. 

Okuda uses a palette close to the geometries and the colours of Peter Sedgley's kinetic art, in conjunction with Stanley Whitney's work on primary colours. For this extraordinary series, the artist reveals once again his most profound involvement with battles for social equality, in perfect harmony with his avant-garde and profoundly contemporary vision. His art leads its audience in a romantic adventure characterised by the fusion and coexistence of man and woman, redesigning the paradigm of freedom in a kaleidoscopic castle of the contemporary fairytale.

We invite our public to visit the exhibition and join us to celebrate this hymn of freedom and equality.


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Born in Santander, Spain, in 1980, the artist is based in Madrid. The unique iconographic language of Okuda San Miguel, with its geometric structures and multicolored patterns, together with his active participation in major social projects, has made him one of the world’s most recognized and admired artists. In 2015, Okuda completed Kaos Temple, a highlight of his career in which he transformed a church converted into a skate park into a showcase for contemporary art. Since then, he has been sought out by cultural institutions and private brands across the world to work on large-scale public projects, as well as for his multifaceted studio practice, which he began in 2009.  Okuda’s repertoire includes mural and sculptural interventions and gallery exhibitions on four continents. His distinctions include being the first contemporary artist to be chosen for Valencia’s prestigious Falles festival, a spectacular series of sculptures for Boston Seaport and his participation in the Titanes project, designed to promote social inclusion through art. He also produces work on canvas, incorporating elements of embroidery and collage. His insatiable appetite for creation has also led him to experiment with other formats, such as sculpture, photography and video.  His creations mix color and geometry with organic shapes to create an evocative symbology. Okuda’s work can be classified as Pop Surrealism but maintains the essence of its roots in the streets. Always seeking to inspire viewers, his works raise universal issues while leaving the final interpretation up to them.

Works Sold

Title: Pigeon Communications
Artist: OKUDA San Miguel
Price: $11,700.00

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35 Connaught Street, W2 2AZ, London 

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