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Wednesday, 9 January 2019
Wednesday, 9 January 2019 - 7:00pm

The solo exhibition of the artist Katarina Balunova, who participated in London Bridge residency program, founded by the Slovak Arts Council.

The exhibition presents a collection of paintings and site specific installation using found objects by Slovak contemporary artist with international background Katarina Balunova. She follows her research about the city, social structure and dwelling  with rare insight, sensitivity and originality.

The buildings are not just objects, but artefacts with meaning, or signs dispersed across some larger social text. The architecture has the capacity to articulate in a very specific way thecontradictions and ambiguities that modern life confronts us with. The structure of cities of nowadays is subject to a strict geometry and it is in perennial expansion. We can see the constant changes in the urban form, pattern and structure. The geometric pattern is a typical feature presents in industrial society.

Geometry is a key element to understand social and industrial development in the modern landscape. In Katarina Balunova works the use of geometric shapes and structures is becoming the testimony of the industrial society marked by an existential crisis.

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Katarina Balunova was born in 1982 in Slovakia.
From 2004 to 2010 she studied Contemporary Painting at the Faculty of Arts, Technical University, Kosice, Slovakia, under the leadership of Doc. Adam Szentpétery and Accademia di Belle Arti, L'Aquila, Italy, Department of Painting, Prof. Enzo Orti. From 2016 she is doctoral student at Academy of Fine Arts, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, Doc. Stefan Balazs. In 2018 she won Visegrad Scholarship at Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary.
Her works include a variety of different media such as paintings, installations, objects, photography and video. The main theme in her work is city - architecture - dwelling, and how the urban structure affects the individuals and society.
She actively exhibits at home and abroad (AU, CN, CY, CZ, EG, DE, FR, GR, IT, LT, LV, PL, SK, KR, ES, TR, UAE, UK, USA). In 2013 she was finalist of Modessque Painting Contest by New Era Art Foundation in Warsaw, Poland. In 2014 she was finalist of NOlab Art Contest in Milan, Italy and at the Painting competition by the VUB Foundation Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2015 she was selected to participate in the 6th Beijing International Art Biennale (National Art Museum of China). In 2015 and 2017, she was nominated for the Bloom Award by Warsteiner, Cologne, Germany. In 2017 she was selected to attend symposium Mark Rothko 2017 (Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia).

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Old Biscuit Factory, Block F, London, UK

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