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Thursday, 14 March 2019 to Sunday, 17 March 2019
Thursday, 14 March 2019 - 6:30pm


Discover the big names of tomorrow at FLUX Exhibition 14th – 17th March 2019

Private View: March 14th 18.30 – 21.30

FLUX Exhibition is London’s leading exhibition to discover the most talented, dynamic painters, sculptors and performance artists.  FLUX has established itself as the platform for contemporary artists to be discovered and to be part of an exceptional, inspirational art event. On display at the National Army Museum in Chelsea, London and curated by Lisa Gray, the founder of FLUX, this much anticipated edition brings over 100 artists to the fore. Gray has hand selected the very best emerging and established artists for a four-day event.

FLUX opening party comes alive with musical guests, performance art and site specific installations which complement the work and bring a new experimental approach to the exhibition.

The show represents an opportunity to gain access to a vast and diverse group of gifted artists, on the path to being the big names of tomorrow, showcasing international talent in a collaborative, inclusive show. FLUX celebrates artists on the precipice of wider accolade and fame. 

Guest Artist – Charles Salvador formerly known as Charles Bronson
To help highlight art as therapy we will be exhibiting 12 artworks, arguably his best work to date by Charles Salvador in respect of his favourite artist Salvador Dali (and formerly known as Charles Bronson). Salvador is one of the highest-profile criminals in Britain and has been featured in books, interviews, and studies in prison reform and treatment. 

Salvador has spent 44 years in prison, nearly 40 years of which were in solitary confinement. During this time, he has had 22 books published, won 5 Koestler awards for his art and poetry and raised over half a million for charity.  He believes art has helped him become a better person and he depicts his struggles, experiences of daily life in prison, the violence, the inhumanity, the brutality, the madness and creativity of a complicated mind. 

FLUX Exhibition does not condone criminality but we do believe that young offenders can be helped and break the cycle of re-offending. Salvador himself has used his art to rehabilitate himself. We want to use art to reform, to heal and to help. Helping young offenders has become increasingly important to Salvador, he wants to use his experience to prevent others following the same path. His art has helped so many people with proceeds of many sales donated to the charities he supports such as young offenders and soldiers who have been injured in combat.   

Mini Masterpieces Under £300

The exhibition will also be featuring the unique, Mini-Masterpieces where smaller artworks by FLUX artists can be purchased for £300 or less. A great way for a new collector to invest in art at a fraction of the price of artists' normal sized works.

Collectors Gift 

To celebrate this ambitious edition of FLUX Exhibition  a Limited Edition artwork by Marcus Jake worth over £250 will be given to anyone who purchases artwork. 

www.fluxexhibition.com for more info and opening times. 

Location – National Army Museum, Hospital Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 4HT

Tube - Sloane Square is a 10-minute walk away.
Train - Victoria is a 20-minute walk away.
Bus - 170 stops outside the Museum

Opening Hours

14th March 18.30 - 21.30 Private View (ticketed)

15th March 10.00 - 19.00

16th March 11.00 - 17.00

17th March 11.00 – 15.00

For more information please visit http://www.fluxexhibition.com/

For private view tickets please email lisa@fluxexhibition.com 

E-mail : Carol Perrett Carol@citrinepr.com


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Helen is a self taught glass artist working primarily in translucent coloured  glass. It is important to her to capture the beauty of light running through her cultural pieces.  Helen's subject matter is inspired by nature working with her not against her, her fascination for the beauty and the dark. Her energetic mind  is filled with a thirst to  constantly evolve and learn,  teaching herself new techniques such as the traditional lost wax process of  glass casting. This year’s body of work is "Confusion" a collection of sculptures and paintings primarily drawing on mood and thought dark and profound and is inspired by her two autistic sons and her experience in raising them. “It can be a very lonely place sometimes when raising children with behavioural issues. It is not only the child that gets excluded from play dates but the mothers too.” 

 Her art helped her through some very dark days and became her release therapy. She is now drawing on her work to evoke emotion in her viewers to see the beauty in everything. “Even if we are not all the same, beauty comes from within.” 

 She uses a mix of glass powders, frits and glass enamel paints. Her work is then kiln formed and slumped to bring fluidity and movement. She likes to incorporate found objects in some of her pieces especially vintage clock faces and copper pipe. Moving away from her clear layered glass paintings, this year she is using black glass panels again evoking a dramatic, atmospheric feel. Helen has exhibited in London shows and galleries and she has successfully built up a thriving business and sells regularly to collectors. Her work is much admired in the glass world and she if often asked to teach her techniques abroad.


Lindsay Simons is a British painter living and working in London.  She received her Fine Art degree with First Class Honours from Staffordshire University in 1997 and was awarded a Masters degree from The Birmingham Institute of Fine Art in 1998. Simons lived in Paris for eight years where she had her first exhibition with Galerie Martine Moisan.  Many of the paintings where inspired by visits to the Louvre and in particular the work of Ingres.Simons has since exhibited extensively with Badcocks Gallery, Penzance, Byard Art in Cambridge, and Robert Casterline Gallery in Aspen.  She has also been involved in shows at the Biscuit Factory, Newcastle and numerous Affordable Art Fairs in London, New York and Hong Kong. In 2011 Simons’ self-portrait was awarded the purchase prize by the Ruth Borchard Collection and exhibited at Kings Place in London.  This painting is now held in the public collection of the Art Fund. Painting has been a life-long passion for Simons.  Her work has evolved through her fascination with art history and the love of paint and its possibilities. Her particular interest is an exploration of how social constructs of female beauty and identity are represented in 'old master' painting and more recently in the use of images of contemporary women. The domestic realm is also a source inspiration, patterns, fabrics, and wallpaper have provided a rich seam of imagery.


Kailyn has worked in many mediums from sculpture to performance, ceramics and photography, but now concentrates on painting as a means of expression; using oil paint for its translucency and organic clarity.   Kailyn mainly works figuratively and with live models, to tell the story of the little explored recesses of the darker human subconscious. Seven years ago the artist was given 6 months to live.  That 6 months expired, but the artistic journey did not.  Everything changed to make authenticity and urgency a constant drive.  Having spent time with Amazonian shamans, as part of the healing process, it made facing all the realities of death and struggles of human consciousness,  a main thematic.  With the extremes of an inner world laid bare, her work is not speculative, it is directly experiential. It is hoped the viewer senses this, and is able to relate, or sample some of this through the work and that the visual challenge in comprehending the image, is a demand and a draw.


In July 2011 Sarah turned fifty and quit her job as a commercial lawyer in order to support her son, who had significant  special educational needs, during his time at secondary school. While he was at school Sarah went back to oil painting, something she had not done for over thirty years, since she gave up studying for her Fine Art Degree. Sarah's son is now at university and Sarah devotes herself full time to her art. Sarah works expressively in oils or mixed media, often inspired by nature and emotional memory. Her work is semi-abstract or abstract. Light and colour are extremely important. Sarah's work is textured and is completed using large brushes and painting knives. 
Sarah has a growing reputation as a successful professional artist, her work is held in collections in Britain, America and France. She regularly exhibits in solo and group shows in the  North West of England, East Midlands and  London. 


Sarah Pooley is a Contemporary artist based in St.Ives near Cambridge. She is a fine art graduate from the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge school of art. Sarah previously studied at the Open College of the Arts. Sarah has taken part in many group exhibitions across the UK and has exhibited for charity group exhibitions internationally.  Her work has been included in publications such as the exhibition catalogue by Photograd for the Exploration and Investigation exhibition, 27th Oct- 18th Nov.2017 and the Student pocket guide. Sarah Pooley’s work focuses on paintings, which can be seen as a study of artificial simulations through the exploration of social spaces and their use of industrialised technology. The creation of consumerist social space deliberately aims to manipulate experience and affect visitors through the use of architecture, elaborate interior design and artificial lighting; technology is increasingly present within these social spaces. The subject matter although based on social spaces, consists of depicting themed parks, elaborate restaurants and theatre stage sets. Consumerist brands are completely awe inspiring with their anything goes attitude to the parks or other worlds they create. Huge set designs that push the boundaries of technology to engulf the viewer into the world that they have created for them to enjoy. Sarah's work depicts this as a simulation of an experience and socialisation.


Jill has always made art, since her childhood in Africa.  At school she was firmly steered away from art and music and for a good while she earned her living teaching medieval French literature.  Fascinating, but it left a gap in her life.  In the mid-90s she followed courses in Art and Design, Textiles and Ceramics at her local College.  Solo exhibitions followed in Southwell and  Lincoln in 2003, and gave her the courage to continue. Her researches into early maps and travel showed her how differently people have seen the world in other times and places.  Her subjects now might seem varied, but they revolve around some very basic themes.  Origins and the cosmos; science and art and where they meet.  Force and counter-force and the patterns they create: coastlines and weather systems; trees and blood vessels.  We (some more than others) have an innate urge to mimic these patterns and weave them back into our own environment.

She constantly experiments with materials and techniques.  Often she works on her own hand-made paper with its unique, unpredictable texture, using paints, inks, dyes and pure pigments to build up intense and glowing colours.  She  loves to combine throwaway or reclaimed elements with costly ones such as pure pigments and gold and silver leaf.  So long as it doesn’t rot, fade or rub off she’ll consider it.  Each piece begins with a specific plan or idea but usually runs into a clash, difficulty or accident which has to be resolved. 

Largely without any formal training as an artist, Huck has spent years studying the theory and principles of visual art as well as learning techniques and practises from other inspiring artists. This freedom from outside direction has not only allowed him to gradually develop his own style of expression through trial and error but has also enabled him to readily adopt established methods from other more experienced practitioners. In terms of style, Huck draws from a fusion of figurative realism, symbolism and surrealism; favouring oil paints and relatively traditional painting techniques but choosing to work predominantly with transparent plastics over canvas or wood. The purpose behind Huck’s work is to explore the human perception of reality. Previously he has focused on common cultural archetypes and their facets, such as the masculinity of the warrior/ hero figure. Currently Huck’s work is reaching more broadly and is exploring how the viewer can be challenged in how they perceive the painting itself, rather than the subject alone. By painting multiple versions of pieces on semi-transparent Perspex sheets and mounting them in layers to form one image, Huck endeavours to create work that is both beautiful and jarring to view. Fascinated by the idea that individuals can experience the same reality in different emotional, intellectual and sensory ways, Huck has ensured each piece can never be perceived in its entirety by limiting how much of the work can be absorbed. Whilst all the elements of each piece are painted in perfect clarity, the combination of layers and materials blur and distort some features beyond comprehension, causing them to move and twist as the viewer’s vantage changes.


German artist D.E.Aderhold’s painterly oeuvre is impressive not only because of its scope, but because of its great rigour, reflectiveness and intensity.
Any attempt to locate his painting within a conceptual system leads to the recognition that Aderhold’s work cannot be submitted to ordinary categorisations. With a stimulating ambiguity, he walks a fine line between figurative and abstract painting, between artistic intentionality, experimental openness and chance.The pre-representational, emotional quality of the color is fundamental to the mood of the image.Dynamism is a product of dissonance.—whether in the clash of acid green and crimson or in the visual clamor of hectic mark-making against a tranquil stain. These kinds of dissonances are found throughout Aderhold’s work and they bring to the fore a visual representation of his search for order in a seemingly disorderly world.The works are serious explorations of color, form and gesture.Through his work, Aderhold attempts to bring together those aspects of human experience which might seem irreconcilable. Cacophony and silence, chaos and order, gentleness and ferocity.Within the paintings, the familiar and everyday are transformed into a completely new and mysterious, idiosyncratic world.Though his work deals in duality, it is the unity of heart, mind and hand that makes Aderhold’s work coalesce into a a deeply generous and surprising field of visual experience.

Since his residency at the School of Visual Arts New York in 2014 he has participated in exhibitions and fairs in the United States, Canada and Europe. In 2017 his work was selected for the 165th Annual Open Exhibition of the Royal West of England Academy and in 2018 he was shortlistedfor the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts, London.


Tahira Noreen (b.1984, Pakistan) is a visual artist. She received her BFA from National College of Arts, Lahore. Tahira Noreen was trained as a painter but she has a keen interest in exploring different mediums. She does her utmost to explore local resources and materials to aid in her work. This method has given her a mastery over mix medium and constantly pushes her to challenge what she knows and merges it with new possibilities. This also ensures that the process is as stimulating, if not more, than the end result. he believes in an unstructured line of work that comes naturally from within. She eliminates the prerequisite of planning out a piece and goes about working in a rather spontaneous manner. This is evident in the natural evolution of her linear work that creates a harmonious flow.


She has been involved in various exhibitions locally and internationally. She has also participated in  “an artist in residence program” in Hangzhou, China. Concurrently, she has taught as a Lecturer at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan






0203 820 4314

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Hospital Road, Chelsea, LONDON SW3 4HT

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