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A Celebration of Culture




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Thursday, 27 October 2022 to Sunday, 30 October 2022
Thursday, 27 October 2022 - 5:00pm to 9:00pm

A Celebration of Culture Exhibition

Thursday October 27th - Sunday October 30th

** Private View on Thursday October 26th  5pm-8pm 

Plus a Live Auction of Artists works including a rare black & white Charlie Philips photographic print

‘What does it mean to live in a culturally diverse community?  

At the Muswell Hill Gallery

Following on from from their extremely successful Charlie Phillips Archive Exhibition, and shows including the Alan Braidwood Spring Exhibition and Azubuike Ani’s “Our Sacred World’, the Muswell Hill Gallery are proud to announce A Celebration of Culture Exhibition exhibition celebrating Black History Month October 2022.

Muswell Hill Gallery creates a space for open dialogue with people of diverse cultures, who are happy to share and work together as a community. Brimming with different ideas across a spectrum of artworks and crafts, the ideas and conversation behind the artworks amplifies the fact that London as a community is a melting pot of creativity.

Part of this creative melting pot are rising talents including Susan Bryan showing her painting of Vogue Editor, Edward Enninful OBE; Luke Renouf’s unapologetic ‘Unfair’; Kimberly Hang’s dancing couples in ‘Divergy’’; Christina Dembinska glass and fabric work ‘Connectible; Joanne White’s sculpture ‘Untitled’; the playful ‘Common in Form’ by Gvenire, Elaine Buchanan’s colourful ‘Sunshine on Home’; Eurekah Shabazz’ ‘Multiverse’; Hannah Sanganoo’s ‘African Dancers’; Yolanda Chappell’s ‘Magic’: Alice Clarke’s ‘West London For Europe” photograph; Carl Connikie’s Windrush portrait photography;  Azubuicke Ani’s afrofuturism and Elizabeth Joseph’s Black Girl Dollshouse Club miniature cabinet. Working across a variety of artistic disciplines including acrylic, gouache, fabric and glass and clay, this diverse exhibition leads the way.

Encouraging all communities to have meaningful conversations, this show is not limited to individuals of colour, but opens things up to those who wish to express their views in a space that can often appear exclusive.

For the first time this evening, Muswell Hill Gallery will be holding a Live Auction of some of the artworks featured in the exhibition including a rare Black & White photographic print from “one of Britain’s great photo-portraitists”,Charlie Phillips, best known for his ‘Notting Hill In The 60’s” book and most recently “How Great Thou Art”. Some of the above-mentioned artworks will also be included in the auction.

A Celebration of Culture Exhibition opens with a Private View on Thursday 26th October and Live Auction and runs until Sunday 30th October 2022.We hope to see you at the Private View from 5pm-8pm with many of the artists in attendance, and refreshments provided. Please RSVP to

Muswell Hill Gallery was launched last year (2021) by former CAS Arts Fine Arts graduate, Georgia Robinson, to provide a new space for up and coming artists to show their work. Its monthly exhibitions have attracted a wide range of art disciplines from fine art, watercolours, pastels, collages and soft sculptures with artists featured so far including Alan Braidwood, Sedici Art Group, Azubuike Ani, Maggie Learmonth, Neda Dana Haeri, Gillian Raine, Carol Tarn, Arty Bea, Colin Merrin, Anne McNeill-Pulati, Non Worrell and Gvenire.


show:   A Celebration Of Culture Exhibition 

dates: Thursday 26th October - Sunday 30th October 2022

** Private View on Thursday October 26th  5pm-8pm 

times: 11am-5pm Friday 

Saturday 11am-6pm

Sunday 11pm-5pm

Artists: Susan Bryan-  Luke Renouf - Christina Dembinska - Joanne White - Kimberly Hang - Elaine Buchanan - Eurekah Shabazz - Hannah Sanganoo - Yolanda Chappell - Alice Clarke - Carl Connikie - Elizabeth Joseph - Azubuike Ani - Beata Rybska - Gvenire - Samta Bajaj

at: Muswell Hill Gallery

21 High Street, Hornsey, London, N8 7QB

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21 High Street, Hornsey, London, N8 7QB

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