Art of Kindness - Launch Exhibition

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017 to Sunday, 12 November 2017
Wednesday, 8 November 2017 -
7:00pm to 10:00pm

A new digital art business, bridging the worlds of art, philanthropy, and social impact launches with an inaugural exhibition in London in November.

The exhibition will preview Art of Kindness - a platform that curates a socially conscious art collective experience - benefiting artists, collectors, and communities in need across the globe.

Art of Kindness is a business where artists and collectors buy and sell art, while empowering communities all over the world. A portion of the sales proceeds from every artwork, which would traditionally be transaction fees in the art market, are directed to a social project from a range of non-profit, social impact partners. Beautifully curated stories of community building or social development programs are then attached to the artwork, transforming the art ownership experience.

Through the platform and roving physical exhibition spaces, Art of Kindness will facilitate art sales to a larger audience, catalysing social change, and building a social kindness legacy for the artist and the patron. With this new art journey, the purchaser will be able to track their own kindness involvement. By combining the art world with the philanthropy and impact investing market,Art of Kindness is building a new collective with the potential for broader market participation, involvement and impact.

Art of Kindness is developing a proprietary technology to underpin and track all of these activities which will be launched at a later date.

The Launch Exhibition – London, November 2017

The launch exhibition is taking place at White Space, Leicester Square in London opening on Wednesday 8 November until Sunday 12 November.

The exhibition will take viewers on a new art-kindness journey, through digital screens and virtual reality, amid white illuminated features of the space. Stories of the non-profit partners and projects, interviews and details of the artists and artworks will be relayed through the Art of Kindness digital art experience.

The aim of the exhibition is to preview Art of Kindness as a digital platform - one that is weaving together a network of shared resources and shared benefits, and a new way to engage with philanthropy through art. Each story of ownership and social impact is embedded in the artwork to build a kindness legacy – with far reaching implications on how we interact and view art.This impact and process will be demonstrated during the exhibition.

The artists involved in this first exhibition create work related to social dialogues concerning peoples, places, religions, and community. Many of the artists originally come from developing countries, and the element of dialogue and the role of their environment is prevalent in their work.The chosen artists are an eclectic group, using a variety of different mediums and techniques: photography, mixed media, pigment on canvas, digital print, pastel.

The featured artists include: Dawn Csutoros (Australia), Rita GT / E-Studio Luanda (Angola/Portugal), Revati Sharma Singh (India/UK), Natvar Bhavsar (India/USA), Ronald Patrick, Petroc Sesti (UK), Doug Patterson (UK), Seema Kohli (India), Brinda Miller (India) and Klaus Thymann (Denmark/UK).

Art of Kindness is working with five official non-profit partners that work across a range of sectors, including Elephant Family, Charity:Water, Micrograam, Project Pressure and Acumen. Further partners will be sought as the platform grows.

The Founders

Devika Sarin founded Art of Kindness after moving to London from Boston, USA and completing her MBA at Imperial College. She studied economics and environmental studies, and has always been passionate about the arts and music, social impact, and finding ways to make these a part of her daily life. She believes imagination and creativity are intrinsic qualities of art, science and business.

Her sister, Maya Sarin, Creative Director for Art of Kindness, has traditionally expressed her creativity and artistic expression through the world of beauty and wellness. Having worked in cosmetics, she understands the delicate balance between form and functionality. She brings her innovative mindset and inspiration to Art of Kindness.

Devika Sarin says of Art of Kindness:

“Art of Kindness is about demonstrating the power of an art collective and technology as a new art market place experience that creates a unique legacy of kindness, by supporting social programs. We want to emphasize that empathy is inherent within the dialogue of art and is our universal language.This experience can add a new dimension to art and increase its collective value, which in turn, can be used to improve lives.” 

Venue ( Name ):

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5 Great Newport Street, London WC2H 7JB 

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