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Tuesday, 26 June 2018 to Sunday, 1 July 2018
Tuesday, 26 June 2018 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

The Art Below Summer Show is taking placeat the Herrick Gallery in Mayfair from 26th June to 1st July. This exciting event is curated by Ben Moore founder of Art Below. Detlef E Aderhold is one of 25 artists who are being challenged to make work on the theme of the ‘Digital Age’ to go on show at Herrick Gallery and on billboard space across the London Underground this June.

Each artist has been issued with a blank canvas (50cm x 60cm) courtesy of Cass Art 'to voice and document their current relationship and place in the digital age and to channel their feelings and emotions about this rapidly changing time that we are living through' Ben Moore, Curator.

Selected works will be photographed and printed as billboards to go on display at Hyde Park Corner Tube Station from 18th June for two weeks.

All finished canvases will go on show at Herrick Gallery from 26th June to 1st July running through Mayfair Art Weekend when there will be planned talks by established artists and leading professionals in tech and digital media to explore and discuss the work and the 'Digital Age' theme.

ART BELOW Summer Show

Herrick Gallery Mayfair LONDON

Nearest Tube Station    Hyde Park Corner

26 June - 1 July 2018

Private View: Tuesday 26 June 6-9pm

Mayfair Art Weekend Gallery Hop: Friday 29 June 6-8pm

Gallery opening times: 11am-5pm daily

Art Below are a London based public art enterprise. With a wide range of international artists and its various campaigns in cities worldwide, the organization has an important position within the movement of contemporary art in public space. Art Below uses billboard space in underground stations to display artworks in London and overseas. The group has nurtured an international community of artistic talent and has displayed the works of over 3,000 artists in London, Tokyo, Berlin, New Orleans and Los Angeles.

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German artist D.E. Aderhold walks a fine line between figurative and abstract painting, between artistic intentionality, experimental openness and chance. The pre-representational, emotional quality of the colour is fundamental to the mood of the image. Dynamism is a product of dissonance. and is —whether in the clash of acid green and crimson or in the visual clamour of hectic mark-making against a tranquil stain. These kinds of dissonances are found throughout Aderhold’s work and they bring to the fore a visual representation of his search for order in a seemingly disorderly world.
Through his work, Aderhold attempts to bring together those aspects of human experience which might seem irreconcilable. Cacophony and silence, chaos and order, gentleness and ferocity.

Since his residency at the School of Visual Arts New York in 2014 he has participated in exhibitions and fairs in the United States and Europe. He was selected for the 165 Annual Open Exhibition of The Royal West of England in 2017 and in 2018 his work is short listed for the Summer Exhibition aat the Royal Academy of Arts London.


Artist’s Statement

‘’Forming, uncovering and exploring structures understood in the broadest sense, constitutes my overriding process and theme. Structures, which lie at the root of every aspect of life, are formed through interactions. This is also the case in an artist’s work. My mood and feelings as well as spontaneity and chance play an important role when I am painting and want to develop specific ideas or concepts. For me, a painting is finished when its visual and intellectual configuration results in a solid form and thus identity. My paintings emerge from within this network of interlocking forces of conception, emotion, chance and construction.

I always work in three phases. Initially I record my ideas and concepts with pencil or coloured crayons on paper. As I translate my ideas into acrylic on canvas I find that I am creating from two inter-dependent processes. Sometimes the latter takes up the consequences of the former and further develops them. This reflective and emotional formulation takes place spontaneously within the painting.My engagement with structures sometimes incorporates imprints of everyday objects, such as shards of glass or natural materials as well as numbers, symbols and text. Some symbols that I use, for example, the airplanes that appear in various paintings ( either painted or as imprints from children’s toys) can be charged with meaning by their viewers and can represent a threat in today’s global context. These symbols however play with ambiguity and can be purposely understood in a variety of ways. Ultimately my mixed media work as an artist is fundamentally defined by abstraction and representation which I use together to create unique visual formation’’.


Detlef E Aderhold 2017

0207 493 9929
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99 Piccadilly LONDON W1J 7NQ

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