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Tuesday, 3 July 2018 to Thursday, 2 August 2018

Mystical and mesmerising paintings influenced by Persian mythology make up the second show at CAMA Gallery London. Following the success of their inaugural exhibition, CAMA have announced their second show as a solo show of Iranian contemporary artist Ali Nedaei, considered by renowned Iranian art critic Javid Ramezani as one of the most influential painters in Iran. 

Nedaei’s work explores Persian mythological subjects in both human and animal form, presenting classical themes in a modern and dynamic way. Using the unconventional method of marker pens on canvases, he creates fluid and dreamlike figures that float hauntingly across the canvas.

Previously, Nadaei’s work was generally small in size. However, for this show, he has wisely adapted and presented his work on a larger scale. By drawing on large canvases, Nadaei has the space and freedom to project spontaneity, elegance and drama, while still maintaining a high quality of craftsmanship and a tone of sensuality which defines his work. 

Nadaei’s Battle of Lion and Mythseries presents a modern twist on the traditional Persian epic poem Shahnameh. The artist presents the horse as an independent sign. In a specific scene, Nedaei uses the horse’s mythical character to form the tragedy of the hero. This tragedy is a witness to the vastness of civilisation’s history which is emphasized in the dynamic wavy lines, and the freedom of the artist’s staging.

Through his loyalty to the realistic and romantic form, Nadaei presents mankind as his most significant subject, indicating that his artistic concern is human and history. 

To create his artwork, Nadaei brings several styles together, that simultaneously draw on ancient art history and also incorporate aspects of modernity and modern culture. Nedaei believes that contemporary humans share common themes with those from the ancient past, and this belief is reflected by the way in which he combines several styles in his artwork.

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+44 (0) 207 183 7319

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19 Dacre St, Westminster, London SW1H 0DJ

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