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Aaron Scheer 'FINAL_007 (02)

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Wednesday, 30 January 2019 to Saturday, 2 March 2019
Tuesday, 29 January 2019 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Press preview : Tuesday, 29 January, 5 PM
Opening reception : Tuesday, 29 January, 6-8 PM

Annka Kultys Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition FINAL_007 (02) of seven digital paintings and a video by the German-born artist Aaron Scheer. This exhibition will mark the artist’s first solo presentation in the United Kingdom.

Created on a variety of digital devices, Scheer’s works utilise the digital realm to combine elements of collage, photography and painterly technique to expand what painting can be and mean today.  The artist’s process involves using free form digital gestures, keyboard commands and touchscreen swipes to develop his works, which once complete may be read as an abstracted version of contemporary digital activities, full of vibrant and vivid colour palettes, redolent with distortions, static and blips that contrast with subtle gradations of luminous colour saturations.  Through his art, Scheer questions the idea of the human in technology and the technological in the human, thereby allowing him to explore the challenges that an increasingly digitised world presents, such as virtual matter, perceptions of the real, automated production, big data, technocracy and contemporary working cults.

Aaron Scheer (b. 1990 Ahlen, Germany) is a digital and print artist based in Berlin, Germany and Gothenburg, Sweden.  He received a B.Sc. from Münster University of Applied Sciences, Münster, Germany in 2015 and an M.Sc. from School of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg in 2018.  Scheer creates young, progressive art that exists between the poles of the analogue and the digital.  He uses painting techniques to create digital works on his computer, mimicking the use of physical media through various brushes and paint effects. The central aim of his process is to find innovative ways to transfer the internet, data, documents, photos and digital information into a new form of painting.  By doing so, the exploration of modern digital devices and their uses becomes his medium, all the while continuing to apply classical art techniques.

472 Hackney Road | Unit 3, 1st Floor | London E2 9EQ | T +44 20 3302 6070

Wednesday – Saturday | 12 pm – 6 pm

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+44 20 3302 6070

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472 Hackney Road | Unit 3, 1st Floor | London E2 9EQ

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