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Friday, 12 April 2019 to Saturday, 18 May 2019

Gazelli Art House invites you to the private view of our forthcoming exhibition, 1982 – Giovanni Ozzola's third solo show at the London gallery.

The exhibition will showcase new works by the Florentine artist that herald his artistic patrimony through the use of multi-faceted media. Ozzola reprocesses a difficult and expensive modus operandi to create his ‘strappi di affresco’: a series of works titled, Walls, that reflect on mankind’s compulsion to create and tell stories. The artist also employs the use of another ancient technology of casting molten metal inside a negative form for his work titled, ‘Tus lunares son estrellas’ [‘Your beauty marks are stars’] – furthering the notion of mortal life immortalised by its medium of bronze. 

Throughout the exhibition, elements of contradictory nature evoke conflicting responses attune to a life’s experience – every story has two sides, every rose comes with a set of thorns. ‘To make something artificial there is an order in the universe,’ Ozzola comments.

1982 tells a story where by Ozzola, once again, impeccably captures the sensitivities of life experiences.

Works by Ozzola are held in numerous collections including Louis Vuitton Foundation, Palais de Tokyo, Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez, Museum Franz Gertsch, Museo Pecci, VAF Foundation and the AGI Verona Collection. Ozzola's works oscillate between the immediacy of capturing the ephemeral and the carefully constructed artifice traditionally associated with painting— all while evoking the five senses. 1982 will see Ozzola exhibit never-before-seen works intensifying his exploration into the natural and philosophical dimensions of lightness and darkness.


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39 Dover Street London W1S 4NN

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