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100 x 100 Presented by BobCat Gallery



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$100 to

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Tuesday, 1 March 2022 to Thursday, 31 March 2022
Tuesday, 1 March 2022 - 6:00pm

Independent online art retailer BobCat Gallery will showcase 100 pieces of original art, each on sale for £100, in their upcoming online exhibition ‘100 x 100’.

Bringing together a diverse range of styles and media as the result of an open call, the exhibition will be accessible through the BobCat Gallery website for the whole of March.

Curator and BobCat Gallery Founder, Catherine Sweet, says: “The exhibition is designed to showcase a fantastic range of styles from both BobCat Gallery artists and newcomers as a result of our open call. BobCat Gallery specialises in original, affordable artwork, and we’re delighted to present such a impressive selection of works including painting, screenprints, ceramic and wood sculpture, ink drawings, cyanotype and more.”

The exhibition Private View will take place via Zoom on Tuesday 1st March, from 6pm, and will feature discussions with selected artists about their process and technique.

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Participating Artists:

Alisa Reid, Amelia Fulton, Ann Kopka, Anna Walsh, Anne Cady, Anne Fontenoy, Anne Sweet, Ariel Chavarro Avila, Barbara Jones, Beth Garner, Brian Harris, Carol Bartlett, Carol Smith, Carole Clarkson, Caroline Banks, Caroline Hyde-Brown, Cat Coulter, Catalina Christensen, Catherine Orr, Catherine Sweet, Claire Chandler, Clare Smith, Despina Symeou, Diana Burch, Elaine Fox, Ellie Bird, Emma Hill, Ernst Perdriel, Fumi, Geraldine Van Heemstra, Gerardo La Porta, Hannah Feuerstein, Ieva Pazemeckaite, JR Oatts, Jessica Palmer, Jill Meager, Jonathan Smith, Judy Century, Juli Fejer, Kate Rossini, Katya Robin, Kira Phoenix K’Inan, Laura Fishman, Laura Gompertz, Laura Parker, Lawrence Crane, Layla Murga, Lesley Wood, Liz Whiteman-Smith, Louise Wiseman, Lucia Hardy, Maggie Hands, Marie-Claude Richoux-Harriman, Mark Goodwin, Maureen Grayson, Megan Sharkey, Melanie Jordan, Molly Lambourn, Naomi Arbuthnot, Nic Gear, Nicole Antras, Patricia Bidi, Paul Hartley, Pauline Schulze, Pernilla Iggstrom, Phil Archer, Phil Cope, Rachel Ramirez, Rebecca Tucker, Robert Dingle, Robert Owen Bloomfield, Ruth Bowey, Sal Jones, Sandra Haney, Sareth Gavage, Sheila MacNeill, Siusan Patterson, SOMA, Sue Roe, Susan Clare, Suzanne Birch, Taya de la Cruz, Thyme James, Tina Mammoser, Tonia Jillings, Tracie Peisley, Valerie Jones.

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BobCat Gallery , London

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