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Art On A Postcard X War Child



Tuesday, 18 April 2023 to Thursday, 4 May 2023
Tuesday, 2 May 2023 - 6:00pm

Art on a Postcard (AOAP) is delighted to announce a special guest auction with War Child UK to raise money for the hugely impressive work they do supporting children in war zones. The auction will consist of a stellar line up of approximately 100 artists including New York based Loie Hollowell, currently represented by Pace Gallery, British Artist Julian Opie, Parisian based, writer, painter and printmaker Kate McCrickard, US artist Rob Browning has delivered four quietly haunting and beautifully executed artworks, Indian artist Mahesh Baliga who is represented by David Zwirner, Christina Quarles who is represented by Hauser & Wirth and Pilar Corrias, London, Stanley Donwood, the British artist and writer best known for his work created for Radiohead, Scottish artist Lorna Robertson who is represented by Ingleby Gallery and Berlin based Navot Miller who showed with Carl Freedman at last autumn’s Frieze in London

Other Info: 

About War Child UK

At War Child we are driven by a single goal – ensuring a safe future for every child affected by war. We work in some of the hardest to reach places to support those who are hardest hit. We aim to reach children as quickly as possible when conflict breaks out and stay long after the cameras have gone to support them through their recovery. We work with local communities and governments to help protect and educate children, and support them to heal and learn, for a safer, brighter future.


Because one child caught up in conflict, is one child too many.


At War Child, we understand children’s needs, respect, and stand up for their rights, and put them at the centre of everything we do. We boldly campaign on the root causes of conflict and help to amplify children’s voices, so that they can advocate for change on the issues that matter to them.

Together with our partners, we deliver our vital work in 15 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.


Every day, our local teams are in communities and refugee camps creating safe spaces for children to play, learn and access psychological support. We also specialise in responding rapidly to emergency crisis situations as-they-happen, to offer immediate and critical aid to keep children safe and help them through their trauma.


At War Child, we will never give up on children affected by conflict. | Registered charity number: 1071659

About Art on a Postcard

Art on a Postcard is a unique platform that offers the opportunity to purchase beautiful limited- edition artworks by celebrated artists at affordable prices. Art on a Postcard is perhaps best known for its coveted postcard auctions. These eagerly anticipated events feature special edition artworks by renowned names that are auctioned anonymously for charity each year. Bidding starts at £50 and they offer a truly rare chance to own mini masterpieces by highly collectible artists.

Venue ( Address ):

Lisa Baker Ltd , London

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