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Gustavo Díaz Sosa “If anyone has eyes, let him see!”

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Thursday, 18 May 2017 to Friday, 23 June 2017
Thursday, 18 May 2017 - 7:00pm

“If anyone has eyes, let him see!” is the theme that the artist proclaims to the wind, and to which works of the series that have been part of his discourse refer to, like “Of Bureaucrats and Godfathers” (“De Burócratas y Padrinos), “Epics of a New Millennium” (“Epopeyas de un Nuevo Milenio”) or “Hell, according to Dante” (“El infierno, según cuenta Dante”). A continuity better explained and enriched by his personal experiences, the necessity of transmitting everything he’s learned from life.

The work of Gustavo Díaz Sosa is a challenge to that hierarchy in both a conceptual and formal way. Academic technique strives for visibility in his compositions and the artist attains that perfectly. Therefore, we find a conditioned perspective, of cinematographic character, wide and distant, so no voice can move further away from the speech that moves towards the infinity of present elements in each artwork.

Gustavo is a scene shifter that conditions formalism and knows how to take advantage of the distributive potential of hierarchization. Each one of his artworks is a Theogony where the deepest stratum is basically composition and the perspective is defining. It follows the atmosphere that permeates everything, the play of light and shadows. Gustavo trusts in the ‘accidents’ that take place during the process, for randomness and genius are always walking together on the track of romanticism. After the necessary exercises of rupture and healing, the training between potential and order, the formalist background gives ground to the stain full of tribulation.

“If anyone has eyes, let him see!” is a call to action, to grow up and regain the lost virtue of individuals in the hands of uncontrolled consumerism and the craving for possession. It is also a reflection on faith and its manifestations, spiritual and architectonical. The architecture no longer protects men and women. More likely - it dominates them. Each brick is a response to a question posed since time immemorial, some answered, many without response, all motivated by a desire for freedom present versus future promise.

(+34) 936 675 559
Venue ( Address ): 
Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo

Calle Aribau 75, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

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Gustavo Díaz Sosa “If anyone has eyes, let him see!”
05/18/2017 to 06/23/2017


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