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Eva - Edit - Eden

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Thursday, 16 January 2020 to Saturday, 22 February 2020
Thursday, 16 January 2020 - 7:30pm

We live in the times with no alternatives, at “the end of history". The current system dominates not because people agree with it, but because they are convinced that there are no alternatives. These are offered by the utopia, the vision of a non-existent world yet, which is different and better than the world in which we live now. One of the cornerstones of the concept of Utopia is a work by Thomas More (1478-1535), who defined it as a "good site" and at the same time as a "non-site” in 1516. The city is a space, which defines and simultaneously creates change, while the designing of ideal cities evokes a vision of an ideal society.

As the prototype of a utopian city, we can also consider the idea of the heavenly Jerusalem. "A garden vision of paradise is complemented by the geometric and urban vision of paradise, not only of a reacquired, but raised one, the vision of a dream city into which people reflect their hopes for a better living on Earth... The thought of this transformation of the Earth to the Heavens – the thought usually mixed with the concept of the abundant shelter and food, with the abolition of property privileges and self-centrality and also with the return to the relieved sexuality unburdened with the primeval sin, that Adam and Eve enjoyed in paradise – persecuted Christianity from the beginnings to the present.”  (Harries, K., 2011: The Ethical Function of Architecture. MIT Press, 1998, pp. 342-343)

According to Zygmunt Bauman the present nostalgia epidemic towards the Paradise of the past is a reaction to the “epidemic of progress frenzy”, the twentieth century witnessed earlier.

The title of the exhibition Eva - Edit - Eden stands for the female (negative) role in the biblical story and at the same time for the new (positive) position of the woman in the transformation "editing" towards the better future.

Exhibition installation responds to a specific gallery space and works with different materials with symbolic meanings.  While nylon stockings refer to woman beauty, brick becomes the foundation of building an ideal city / place. Application of discarded plastic flowers from the cemetery refers to the ambivalence of the utopia and false illusion of paradise.

Exhibition have been supported by Slovak Arts Council. Using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

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Katarina Balunova was born in 1982 in Slovakia. Her works include a variety of different media such as paintings, installations, objects, photography and video. The main theme in her work is utopia – paradise – dwelling and oscillation between the past and future.  She actively exhibits at home and abroad (AU, CN, CY, CZ, EG, DE, FR, GR, IT, LT, LV, PL, RU, SK, KR, ES, TR, UAE, UK, USA). In 2013 she was finalist of Modessque Painting Contest by New Era Art Foundation in Warsaw, Poland. In 2014 she was finalist of NOlab Art Contest in Milan, Italy and Painting of the Year by VUB Foundation Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2015 she was selected to participate in the 6th Beijing International Art Biennale (National Art Museum of China). In 2015 and 2017, she was nominated for the Bloom Award by Warsteiner, Cologne, Germany. In 2017 she was selected to attend symposium Mark Rothko 2017 (Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia). In 2018 she won scholarship from Visegrad fund for Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary and in 2019 she received national Martin Benka Prize for 2018.

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La Xina A.R.T. Gallery

Carrer de l´Hort de la bomba 6


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