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VAEFE on Solidarity - Video Art & Experimental Film Event | Walk-in Cinema





Friday, 30 June 2023 to Sunday, 2 July 2023

What does solidarity look like on screen?

SEA Foundation Tilburg curates and hosts VAEFE, an international three-day film event, dedicated to artistic moving image productions. The biennale is in its second edition and features 22 short films of artists and filmmakers who explore approaches to Solidarity.

The walk-in cinema presents 6 - 8 films each day. The program loops every hour providing the public with the opportunity to navigate multiple screens in the exhibition venue and the garden. The event is open and free for everyone to join.

The selected films come from more than 350 submissions. The event features storytelling in experimental films, animations and performative registrations in various genres and film-making techniques. With the theme of solidarity the curatorial team focuses on unfolding many layers of empathy, support and care, as intrinsic notions towards more sustainable connections and radical ecology.

Also on display: In situ installation Body Tide (2023) by Syzygy collective, in collaboration with Cas-co Leuven

Event dates: 30.06.2023 - 02.07.2023

Venue: SEA Foundation, Tivolistraat 22, 5017HP Tilburg

Time: 8 - 11 pm

With artists & filmmakers: Tommy Becker (USA), Sumin Kim (KR), Armando López Castañeda (MX), Occitane Lacurie (FR), Lo Yuen Ming & Lin Chun Yao (HK & TW), Miguel Rozas Balboa (CL/BE), Georgina Pantazopoulou (GR/NL), Claire Maske (USA), Derya Durmaz (DE/TR), Mara Chavez (MX), Daria Pugachova (UA), Karen Akerman & Miguel Seabra Lopes (BR), Oleksandr Stupak (UA), Moayad Alhariry (SY/NL), George Hiraoka Cloke (UK), Vali Karimnia (IR), Cheryl Pagurek (CA), Sabine Gruffat (FR/USA), Tasha Arlova (BY/NL), Pierre Chaumont (CA), Rebecca Birch (UK), Aylin Kuryel (TR)


About SEA Foundation

Artist-led SEA Foundation is a non-profit art initiative. Over time, SEA Foundation has become a synonym for exhibitions, art practice support, exchanges, and publications. Since 2013, we also run an International Artist in Residence program that offers a unique environment, by providing time and space for research, experimentation, and professional advancement. SEA Foundation is an independent, artist-led, residency-based venue for contemporary art. To fulfil our mission; To create awareness for contemporary art and to build cultural resilience, we act as a catalyst in the working lives of artists. In all our activities we are fuelled by visual arts. Through exchanges and working in different cultural contexts SEA Foundation is part of international networks, where we generate and take part in discussions on eminent issues.

Venue ( Address ): 

Stichting SEA Foundation,

Tivolistraat 22,

5017 HP Tilburg, The Netherlands

SEA Foundation , Tilburg

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VAEFE on Solidarity - Video Art & Experimental Film Event | Walk-in Cinema
06/30/2023 to 07/02/2023



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