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Lisa Maartense - Studying the stone





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Friday, 30 September 2022 to Sunday, 23 October 2022

Until 23.10.2022, Dutch artist Lisa Maartense is showing the adaptation of her installation Studying the stone (2021) in SEA Foundation’s vitrine and the front room. In the exhibition, Maartense subjects stones to various “tests”, like boiling, mapping/drawing, photographing, or making casts of their shapes. Through this type of documentation, the stone takes on new faces and we see different possibilities for their existence. Maartense’s work opens up the practice of awakening to the various realities of objects’ identities. It also awakens us to the open-ended exploration that this makes possible. 


Encountering objects

Much of Maartense’s work is inspired by nature and forms we find there. To encounter is about the act of exploring and looking at objects anew, shedding off our previous knowledge about them. Maartense refers to these objects as “omnipresent” because they are ordinary things that we find all around us. A pine-cone is an example, or even light. She approaches objects as a discoverer, taking both art and science on this journey. For Maartense, both strive to examine this world that we find ourselves in. They ask, “what is it?” or “how can I explain it?”. Instead of searching for concrete answers, her practice finds itself in the act of w(a/o)ndering and in the process of undoing the properties and materials that constitute things.


WARP #05

The exhibition is part of WARP, a series of vitrine exhibitions which were activated in 2020. These exhibitions now also follow the SEA Foundation’s folds on art and sustainability, currently focusing on fold on Awakening. In this fold, we are looking at the speculative strategies and ideas that do not pass the test of modern and empirical science. We recreate instruments to ‘understand’ natural phenomena, and question what are perceived contradictions. Can we expand the analysis of what speculation or a contradiction is? How can these serve as tools for waking up? Can we leave open the uncertainty of what is real or fictitious?


Their aim of the WARP series is to stimulate artistic research and present the adaptations of the works made by regional artists or artists with regional connections. 


Exhibition dates: 30.09.2022 - 23.10.2022

Artist: Lisa Maartense

Venue: SEA Foundation, Tivolistraat 22, 5017HP Tilburg

Opening Hours: the vitrine is open 24/7, the front room is open Thursday - Saturday 1-5pm or by an appointment



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Lisa Maartense is a Dutch artist based in South Holland. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Arts in Enschede. Maartense’s work centres upon the experience of encountering through a process called “The Finding of Finding Things”. She collects and dissects a variety of things, often unimposing and ordinary, that she comes across on walks and in everyday life. These “things” range from pine cones or tree branches, to stones, and even curtains. With analog photography, castings, screen printings, and stained glass, Maartense asks how we can connect the appearance of “things” in the world to their properties and materiality. 

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Artist-led SEA Foundation is a non-profit art initiative. Over time, SEA Foundation has become a synonym for exhibitions, art practice support, exchanges, and publications. From 2013, we also run an International Artist in Residence program that offers a unique environment, by providing time and space for research, experimentation, and professional advancement. SEA Foundation is an independent, artist-led, residency-based venue for contemporary art. To fulfill our mission; To create awareness for contemporary art and to build cultural resilience, we act as a catalyst in the working lives of artists. In all our activities we are fuelled by visual arts. Through exchanges and working in different cultural contexts SEA Foundation is part of international networks, where we generate and take part in discussions on eminent issues.

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Tivolistraat 22, 5017 HP, Tilburg, the Netherlands

SEA Foundation , Tilburg

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