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DUO: Laurence Jenkell & Luis W.Guajardo

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Thursday, 19 September 2019
Thursday, 19 September 2019 - 6:00pm

Exhibición a dúo: Diálogos Francia/México Laurence Jenkell & Luis W. Guajardo

OPENING | Thursday 19 September, 7pm - 10pm EXHIBITION | 19 September - 26 October, 2019

Boccara Art Gallery is delighted to present the grand opening exhibition of its new gallery space in Mexico - the dialogue between French and Mexican contemporary art, the renowned “Bonbon” sculptures of the French artist Laurence Jenkell will be exhibited in Monterrey for the first time and will have an interesting conversation with the artworks of the local Monterrey artist Luis W. Guajardo. 

Originally from France, today Boccara Art has developed into an international art gallery with a global network of galleries and exhibition spaces, presenting artwork by established artists of the 20th and 21st centuries while dedicating its spaces to young emerging artists simultaneously.

Laurence Jenkell, a self-taught artist who has been creating candies as the subject of her artworks in various disciplines for many years. Jenkell regards her candies as a simple while a universal object that capture personal and collective memories. Candies also allow her to exorcise the sorrow of her childhood and her question of her heredity. Not only candy is her expression of art, but also became a language - art critics would relate her candies as the radical gestures from the semantic code of Pop Art or Neo-Realism, while the others would regard her candies as an artistic craving which lure our senses.

Luis W. Guajardo, a professional-trained architect from Monterrey, his passion for art directs him to become an artist. In his works, the spirit of geometric abstraction from the mid-twentieth century in Latin America is inherited, which is characterised by sharp-edged and pure colour blocks. It represents a universal language that communicated and embodied a broad perspective of the world regardless of origins, styles and intentions in Latin America. In Luis’ artworks, the concept has been uplifted to another dimension with the use of materials, which are usually wood and lacquered acrylics blocks with varied colours. The process of destruction and re- construction can be seen that his memories, identity, emotions and perception of reality are “fragmented” into triangular blocks with particular colours while a new reality or expression is “re-constructed” in the use of colours, patterns and compositions.

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+52 81 2029 9698
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Gral Vincent Guerrero 142-A
Casco Urbano, San Pedro Garza Garcia
Monterrey, Nueve Leon, 66230

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DUO: Laurence Jenkell & Luis W.Guajardo


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