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Wednesday, 27 June 2018 to Thursday, 20 December 2018

Erika Petunovienė (nickname AYTĖ) has received a Master's Degree in Art and Technology. She is an abstract artist whose paintings are distinguished by the dynamism, contemporary modern inspiration and courage, emotional, expressive, contrasting coloring, likes experimenting and using different materials and techniques that integrate into the whole, creativity reflects a holistic approach to the world.

An artist always has a vision before starting to create a painting. But the main task of the artist is to convey an emotion through the means of plastic expression, then tell the story with a brush. The images of Erika Petunovienė are inspired by the themes of universal dualism (masculine and feminine origins), of light, of constant dynamic movement, of the main human emotions - peace, joy and love. The themes of paintings also show that the author was also inspired by harmony, rhythm and flow of music. The artist's work combines two of our influences - external (human actions, nature, external events) and internal (thoughts, feelings, emotions, mood and behavior). This universe, which contains both the present and the invisible worlds, as the cosmic soul, is infused with energy both in nature and in human life, Erika Petunovienė is united and captured in paintings.

The color used by the author reflects today's humans environment, which is rich in bright colors, shine and contradictory stiffness. The abundance of everyday negative information, the alienation of people-to-people relationships, the rapid pace of life, and stress, all this stirred up her desire to clear and embellish our world with art. By choosing different tools and techniques, Erika Petunovienė creates paintings on topical issues, highlighting not the problem, but revealing the ways of solving it in the paintings, and calling to turn to each other, to stop, to feel, to find time for himself and a pabulum for our souls.

Using contrasting colors, the artist seeks to maximize the observer's response - the pictures can not be reacted in a passive way, as if the work done on the inside is intended to be easily shaken, distracting and awaken from a dark, dark environment or gray reality from our usual geographical location. Still, the author's creativity encourages not to be tied to each of the surrounding synthetic images, but to look at the surrounding environment. In some paintings, in the background of abstract silhouettes and lines, you can see the forms of transformed natural forms - people, plants, elements, landscapes - and architectural forms. However, these forms are conveyed with purified indexes, without the purpose of representing their true form. These signs have gained an unusual color, but are hidden between the same brightness spots and lines. In this way, they become keywords that can help to tread in a created mood of the picture. The paintings are intensive, often used for contrasting color consonants, so abstract paintings are geared towards a dynamic impression, not balance and peace. This vibrant color spells out the intense life that surrounds us with inspiration.

A separate cycle of paintings is devoted to natural movement - it is done by a flow technique. Some of the paintings create an impression of space - depth or different plans - but sometimes they are concentrated on a decorated flat surface, sometimes reminiscent of patterns of fabric, packaging paper or marble. However, the paintings are not static - they need to be inspected from a different distance.

The overall mood and color of the paintings are perceived further, but the tidy details require a close visitor's concentration. Many paintings can be differently perceived in different lighting conditions, as the artist likes to use relief surfaces and shiny tools. These artistic instruments help to highlight the main feature of the work of Erika Petunovienė - dynamics. The changing mood in the paintings, active color, the changing experience of paintings, depending on the viewing point and illumination, is attested by the author's dedication to volatility, movement, optimism, feelings and energy themes.

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Email: ayte.art@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ayteart/

Instagram: ayte_art


Artblr: https://www.artblr.com/erikapetunovieneayte

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Sausio 13-osios g. 2, Hotel Karolina, Vilnius, Lithuania

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