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BLANC DE CHINE. Contemporary Visions

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019 to Friday, 28 June 2019
Wednesday, 15 May 2019 - 6:30pm

ESH gallery in collaboration with Ting&Ying from London is pleased to present BLANC DE CHINE: Contemporary Visions, an exhibition 

with different Chinese artists, which are making of white porcelain from Dehua - known as Blanc de Chine- the stylistic hallmark of their works.

As always ESH Gallery focuses on artists who are engaged with oriental aesthetic, especially for the bond with nature– both presented in a figurative or conceptual way. 

In occasion of ESH Gallery’s first time at Milano Asian Art 2019, the exhibition will represent the testing ground for showing a new vision for this material that has made the history of collecting.

Su Xianzhongis one of the Dehua artists that will be presented at the exhibition. Born in 1968 he represents the 4thgeneration of famous artists, known internationally as “Yun Yu Porcelain Studio”.

As an Award-winning artist, Su’s artworks are inspired by ancient religious statues, and present in several Asian and European museams. 

Su style, recognizable for his unconventional and soft forms that characterized his stunning Buddhas, will be compared with the more traditional sculptures made by Lan Quansheng. The beautiful face features and the drapes of his religious icon artworks are above the most appreciated between collectors, which prefer a more traditional style. 

Chen Desheng, student of Xianzhong master, is a young experimenter of Dehua porcelain. His series dedicated to traditional bonsais, represents a tribute to the nature and culture of his own homeland, but at the same time you can notice in his works a style renovation, leant during his studies. 

The designer Peter Ting, one of the founder of Londoner Ting-Ying study, presents one of his most famous work from Buddha Hands series, already in the permanent collection of V&A museum of London. 
His small cup with plate in Blanc de Chine porcelain, made in collaboration with Chen Wei craftsman, is characterized by tiny Buddha’s hands, an innovation for this traditional and ancient material. 

Beside the whiteness and the purity of these porcelain sculptures, there will be presented for the first time at ESH Gallery Manuel Bonfanti’s paintings. This one, an artist from Bergamo is engaged with color on his artistic research. 

Both abstract and expressionist, Bonfanti’s compositions are characterized by symbolic explosion of light and color. 
His Air spaces– informal at first sight- are the representation of invisible places. Ethereal atmospheres are dominated by intense nuances, willing to symbolize the sublime. 

The two-dimensions research of the artist is focused on mixing acrylic paint with other materials, placing them in perfect balance with the three-dimensionality and spirituality of the Chinese artworks. 

The exhibition will face stylistic researches that are really different from each other: bright colors on one side and pure white on the other, figurative sculptures against abstraction, tradition and contemporaneity are coming out with the comparison between the East and the West.

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Via Forcella 7, 20144, Milano 

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